Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Playing Robert Smith and Marylin Manson

Above it's me still, with black wig...
I think I am starting to feel Halloween Time :P
It's also due to the dark mood in me being forced to stay away from my love, but hey! To disguise is very funny.
Why do I have dsguises at home?
Two reasons. I love Carnival and Halloween (it fits my theathrical side) and... well, I like to "play" sexual stories when possible, of course ;).

By the way, today it's a great day: my dear Jim will come at me and Stef flyin from Brum airport on Sunday the 17th of October, and will remain 5 days at us!!! Can't wait :) I dearly love him and I was waiting to host him in my universe since two years :) It's gonna be a blast :)

I promise not to scare him with the black wig :P
Now I fly to work... it's about time ;) (that fits my Mansonish look above, instead).
CYa!!! ;)