Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Touched by Pope's Death, Happy for Italian Regional Elections

Hi there!
I am updating this from Florence, where I am stayin currently due to Regional Voting Operative Checks (I have been selected to do that a month ago).
While being here (I am since Friday) the "awaited" death of Pope Jhon Paul II occurred.
Well I have been heavily touched, though it was a longtime his terrible health conditions was saddening my heart, till I was truly hoping his sufferences would have stopped soon.
To witness his unability in speaking, especially after his latest throat cut was painful. Such a communicative man was like caged in his own body: too bad, too cruel even to not hope for him a reconjuction with the Holy Father above.
Still, I am totally touched.
Although some of his visions, too linked to Catholic unability to see modernity were way far from me (the ancestral vision of women, the blind positions about AIDS and safety of people, the dullness even about natality controls) I believe he has been truly a Great One about what is the most touching about spirituality: love for people, search for real dialogue and peace, and most of all, he was totally away from fanatism of religion. He was the first asking FORGIVNESS for Centuries of mistakes of Church; he visited Muslims and Jewish as brothers in humanity; he traveled the world to make people near with one another, he never bended to "Right Wars". If you believe in Christ, then war cannot be your option. Never.
He said "Do not kill". Period.
In this Jhon Paul the second was unbeatable. I deeply hope the one who's gonna follow him will have his same long foresight, cos times are heavy, and difficulties arise always more.

In all this, let me say I am infinitely HAPPY for Berlusconi's bad creek demise in Italian local elections.
Italians are maybe realizing how blind they have been in trusting this vendor of smoke.
There's hope things are truly changing, at least in my Country.
Hope always has to illuminate world, in the end.

I am gonna be absent from internet a while more: I am gonna reach Rome for Pope's funerals this weekend.

Let's feel the Big Soul of mankind, searching for peace, searching for dignity and love. This has nothing to do with Religion: this has to do with fairness of life. Everyone's got sense, got value, got right to develop and grow.
Let's be united, regardeless of colours, of belief, of nationality.
It sounds like John Lennon maybe, but Karol Wojtyla used to sound the same.
Guess why.

See you later, love you all.