Tuesday, October 03, 2006

An update every 35 days? Ouch ;)

Ops... I did it again (sounds SO much like Britney, but nah, I'm different... :D)

So many days of silence, but it was not planned (as usual... it's never planned while it still happen so frequently!).

I've been down to Florence, to take my another Master Degree there (should be on October the 17th... cross fingers for me!) and to follow some Uni activities; I've beem touring around for work, and I have finally made my mind up that I wanna change job. I'm lookin around, and I hope to find some new thing in one or two months. It's gonna be a lovely day when I will leave my current place, believe me (revenge, sweet revenge...).

Other than that, I'm pretty okay: friends are okay, Stef and I are okay, and I even painted something new as you can see aside. First proper paint in one year and half... Denise would be amazed, I'm sure she is from Heaven, and I'm sure she drove my hands in executing her idol this lovely.

Well... what more...

Chiara's baby Sofia is astoundingly beautiful, and she's totally healthy and lively. What a joy to be seen... I wanna become a mother soon, but before that, next year there's gonna be the marriage ;)

So... wish everyone around a fine day, and with the hope (solely hope) od another passage here sooner than in 35 days ( *erm*...), I send you all my best hug&kiss :)

Meli :)