Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Today, a kind lady shot me down with a GATE onto my front... :P!

Meli, the cartoon person ;)

Heya my people from the web waves!!!

In a very fullfilled day (tell me which one of my life isn't...) what I will keep (I presume for a few days... argh!!) of visible inside and OUTSIDE is this big BUMP over my spacious front, that a sweet lady unwillingly gifted me with this morning, while I was coming to my office.

She wanted to open the gate for me to make my passage free.. but she used way too much power, so the mobile gate bounced back directly over my front.

I cried but just from one eye ;) nothing bad, as my head's of course made of stone so.. (well, let's make it made from diamond, it's classier !! :D)

Today I also finally paid for *that special secret gift* my collegue and her cousin tried in every way to subscribe at :) I am happy I finally did, I hope the plan goes to its final success.

Micke called me telling me bad family news.. I cross fingers for that (hugs Micke!!!).

On a very light note, a post about an "impossible music request" drove me to exit from lurkerLand in @ the but it has been JUST an episode!
That place is heavenly cool but I prefer to just read and avoid to write... I past my time of preaching quite a long ago :)

Have all a great day and.. I am sad (but I can perfectly understand him) great President Ciampi won't accept another mandate at Quirinale.

After such a Premier for 5 years, I am sure he's fed up ;)

Kisses everybody, Meli :)

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Just some words.. and a Site made!!!

Nadia and I... some weeks ago :)

I have been completely destroyed for the entire past day: I even thought I might have been pregnant cos I got stomach disease and will of throwing constantly... till I properly rejected all the meals I had in my.. erm.. inside.
What a pain of day!

So today I have still to customize the house along Stef... and *luckely* tomorrow we're all home!

Anyway, things beside that go regularly.
I have completed the Site which little Denise did ask me to create before she sadly died, and I think is somehow near to her idea, at least I hope it is, cos I made it with my whole heart.

Around pollens and plants are growing, which causes me a terrible allergia, but ehy! May it's this thing for me and right now I am used to that.

Wish you all a great 1st of May.. my friends in Florence are all at the beach...*sigh*!!!

Next weekend I'll be there for sure :)
Hugs, Meli :)