Sunday, April 30, 2006

Just some words.. and a Site made!!!

Nadia and I... some weeks ago :)

I have been completely destroyed for the entire past day: I even thought I might have been pregnant cos I got stomach disease and will of throwing constantly... till I properly rejected all the meals I had in my.. erm.. inside.
What a pain of day!

So today I have still to customize the house along Stef... and *luckely* tomorrow we're all home!

Anyway, things beside that go regularly.
I have completed the Site which little Denise did ask me to create before she sadly died, and I think is somehow near to her idea, at least I hope it is, cos I made it with my whole heart.

Around pollens and plants are growing, which causes me a terrible allergia, but ehy! May it's this thing for me and right now I am used to that.

Wish you all a great 1st of May.. my friends in Florence are all at the beach...*sigh*!!!

Next weekend I'll be there for sure :)
Hugs, Meli :)

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