Friday, December 10, 2004

A Month directly belongin to Nightmare Land...

Felling the workin pressure...

Yep... I still alive...
Not "kickin" cos some brilliant brain outta there has decided to make us work EVEN on Sundays morning.
This till 10 January aprox. Maybe even after, but I don't care about the "after" cos I won't be there anymore. Yes.. I am takin 6 months off from my insane workin schedules/practices...
I need to breathe basically, and not being surrounded by stealers of ideas, forces and resources.
I am fed up with the whole packae and for a while I wanna do the rest.. take my other Master Degree.. write my book, getting to publishing with it.. learning some of Stef's father's acquintances and develop my skills.
Don't worry for me friends okay?
All this mess and turmoil are gonna end, I ma so sorry I can't be any around these days.. but New year comes, new life arrives okay?
Love ya all :)
Catch you after the storm ;)
Hugs, Meli :)

PS: Yep, that's me.
It's a shot among many others I took for a BRazilian friend who wanted to work artistically with my image :) There are even more glamorous poses and who knows.. you might see more soon ;)

PS 2: I found a model whose book will be made by me!! He's a spectacular indian guy ( fully Italian.. but his origins are clear by watchin him) called Bernard. Can't wait to work with him :) I banned him yesterday from cutting his hair ;) I wanna imagine him as a rockstar ;)

PS 3: Your Xmas gifts are all ready.. not very big, but made with heart.. and maybe even useful :)
HUGS!!!! Meli the "all time worker"