Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Don't worry friends, I'm alive and kickin' well :)

Hi people!
Hi know that some of you have sent me mails a bit worried since after the Xmas/New years eve mails and sms (I hope they have reached all of you... in the mountain chalet where we did pass the changin year time the camp wasn't really good...) I have been not reacheble as I wished I would have.

I am workin&traveling through a few places and it's not easy to stay connected (also because of my laziness about it after a truly demanding work, I have to admit...); plus I am approaching to a changin timetables at work and I suppose till the middle of February there's no much way for me to do any different from past weeks.

I hope you're all okay, and that you're not too sad about my lack of communications. I'll get back the time lost in speeches as soon as possible :) .
I am missing so much you all :)

About new stuff... well today I'll get back to Milan, at late evening, and I hope train&tube&bus is gonna work okay, no matter the freezin ice around roads and tracks, and the mess we're currently sperimentating in Italy about energy.

I saw "Match Point", the new Woody Allen movie, the other day and I truly loved it. Then, to see again London, so beautiful and bohemienne like in that film, increased my wish to get back there immensively.

But I have to mind about the German meeting this June :) so I guess for this year my traveling for fun in Europe has to be contented with that only (which is much, as I am dyin for will of meeting back all the friends, Izzi and the others :))

Okay, time for me to go. I hope also to update my site soon and share the tons of pics I have from months ;) When I'll be back I'll have also the pics of the marriage me and Stef have to attend at on the 11th of February :)

Stay weel & supersonic :)
Kisses, Meli :)