Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm Mrs. Nicoletti now...

.. and I'm over the moon for it :).
We'll be plenty of time for all the descriptions, later on (included the good byeS to the no-married status...); we've got sun, we've got all the shining moods. Everything just went right.
We both cried at the altar ( I actually made the whole crew sigh out...); Don Massimo has been amazing, and I'm so overjoyed I can't properly explain that.
The mini-honey moon in Barcelona has been fabulous, and we're gonna have picture album of it as well, soon ( we've got 200 pics of it in 3 days... when we will head to Japan for three weeks for the real honey moon next year, we'll be coming back with 3000 pics maybe?!?)
Anyway, by now, let me cheer you all.
I'm ecstatic :)
P.s.: Link on Facebook with marriage pics sent to us by Daniele (Ila's bro): what a quick delivery!