Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I still at work... 10 hours so far!

We're preparing this big offer to Italian Railways.

I would love to do some Sudoku online, but I am honestly unable to Chief sneaks and lurks so I cannot really do entertaining operations here.

I am tired.
Stefs tonight goes out to play football, and considering I am struck here probably another three hours I won't see him at all today.

This morning I told him I fear everytime he leaves to work.
But then, it's true life tries always to take over on fears: I just read on NME online and MTV Italian site Coldplay will be back in Italy, in Milan and Bologna on 14 and 15th of this incoming October.
I felt immediately I want to get there.
I know a big gig is a perfect trial for a carneficine from terrorists but... I wanna go there.

Let's see, okay?

We're planning also the BIG Board Meeting at Sabine's in Hannover next June... and that's alwso something I would never miss out.

People have to come together... right now!
To fight that sudden scare, that terrible feeling of losing confidence in everything we were just taking for granted merely some months, or years, ago.

I just wanna live... No, it's not any Good Charlotte's quote, be sure. It's just how I feel.
It's hard but we have all to.

Hugs from "still-at-work's-desk-Meli"

Monday, July 25, 2005

Back after the week with kids... Feeling unconsistent...

Jean-Marc's Rulier beautiful last gift to me...

So, finally I ma in after the week past with kids and my working team away from usual land.
You know, I have been quite emotional lately: and during this last week especially, the news about new bombs in my beloved London, and the horrifying (but expectable, at least by me) hijacks in Sharm El Sheik, my mood keeps being a rollercoaster.

I am someone who loves serenity, but I have to face the fact I can't feel so till world will be this madness.

What can I do about it?
Nothing, just ... live.
In the weekend we've been at my parents in our mountain house. Mauro and Monia, and yesterday Marco have joined there me and Stef: my parents have been happy to pass time all together.
I have felt well too.

But always... you know... demanding myself to feel fine, which means after all I keep being scared a lot.

Yeah, I know, this is what they want.
But the whole of our system is based onto confidence in a stable system of life. It's not that easy to mantain it once confidence is washed out by sudden attacks aimed exactly at revolving everything we use to know about ways of life.

I am starting to feel like this is not a good world to give birth in the future.
But I know myself... in the end I will find a way to go one the way we all have to.

I wanna thank JMRulier for this beautiful interpretation of myself.
This picture so ghostly and intense today defines my mood pretty well.

A big embrace to everyone whom reads here.
Your Meli.