Sunday, May 21, 2006

from Florence, after watchin "Da Vinci's Code" movie...

I quite appreciated yesterday evening with Ila&Massy, Monia&Mauro (and obviously Stef)... we went to Warner Village to catch THE movie of the week, and although I still believe Hanks was not fitting the role, and Howard wasn't the fitting kind of director to this fictional story, I have to say it wasn't the disaster many spoke about the past days. It's all about what one wants to find, I guess. I had no expectations, beside have under my eys two great actors (Jean Reno and Paul Bettany) and one genius of the acting (Ian McKellen, extraordinary performance), so I couldn't be "disappointed". It is a nice movie, not a masterpiece, just like the book is a nice book, not deserving all the fuss around. Why people cannot just appreciate a fantasy story, and always have to see beyond things that nobody can confirm (nor dismiss, to be honest)?.
Well, next movie gotta be Volver by Pedro Almodovar, and Kim Rossi's Stuart directing debut "Anche libero va bene".
Then, forcedly, X-Man III (ehy! cannot resist to these stuff!!) and Pirates of Caribbean II.
Next week Monia's on crusade, and Ilaria goes ten days to Sardegna: they'll be both DARK skinned as they'll be back.. while I still be Moonskinned forever this pre summer of 2006.
Gotta answer mails next days (this past week has been horridous at work) and I'll do that. My allergia still a puzzle of sympthomes, always getting worst... Fiorentina is destined to B series and I have to live with that.
Luckely there are sweet sparkles in the web waves, that made me happy all the week.
Hugs everyone, mum's cooking is finally ready!!!
Kisses, Meli xxxxx Posted by Picasa