Saturday, September 25, 2004

soon rushing away from him...

Okay, not yet actually.. I'll be rushing over trains for the whole of the incoming week actually. To work as Researcher is a stress "logistically" speaking, but that's just from time to time.
Cassie angel.. if you're reading this I tried to change the picture below with the guitar (yep, the "rude" one) but I have no idea how nor why, it's not allowed apparently cos everytime I try to reload the page it doesn't show properly.. I fear we'll have to wait till the page disappears ;)
So me and Stef are preparing ourselves to host Chiara and Marco (see in my website in the pictures of friends section their marriage on July the 17th :) )... I am happy but also a bit sad cos tomorrow I'll leave along them towards Florence again.
Oh well... I wish I could remain in this Lodi's house.. cos I cannot be happy without my love. Next time I'll be here, Jim will come as well from England :) Can't wait :) Those days are gonna be AMAZING :)
Me and Stef have also decided to completely remake the office/guests room. ALREADY. it's gonna be a stylish, modern and colourful room :) the only thing that is gonna remain is the sofa bed, that I have called "Milu'" :) we're also completing the living roommaybe even before Jim comes... let's hope.. I'd love him to see the completed room at least :)
So... Time to take care of my Lord before our friends arrive. We gotta capitalize the morning in.. lovey terms ;)
See you in one week.. maybe if I get a chance I'll upload this blog through hotel room next week but it really depends on my energies at night after intense work :) hugs, take care you all :) meli :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Reflections are moths or butterflies...

I am so happy... Sharing a bed with him, feeling he caresses me so very long at night, when he thinks I don't perceive that consciously cos Morpheus seems to have taken me over fully...
But I feel the urge of bad ghosts, I keep fearing something tragic is ready to happen. All this hate that fires the world down nowadays... Promises of Holy Wars, by all sides (no, I don't think there's really just one side aiming at that... sadly it's something many think about, and I find that so inhuman, especially when it comes from so called "democracies"), and we got to take daily trains, buses, metros... airplanes...
We live in ways that are unprotectable.
Let's face it: it's easy to kill in our societies.
To kill blindly, to kill spectacularly... we never think about that cos otherwise we couldn't live. Stef always tell me not to paint myself the end of the world, cos this way it's like I stop to live already, instead of goin on. His pragmatism... I wish were mine.
But Reflections come at night, like moths with dark wings that silently cover my eyes and horizon in a dusty cloud... I wish they could be coloured butterflies, cos I feel I have all I could dream of: a simple life made of love with my Prince. Maybe it's just that i feel I don't deserve it.. maybe I am just scared the way men can keep wish to erase and cancel other men who think differently than they do.
We're all so presumptious, frajile and arrogant. Tricky, dangerous combinations, that give no rest to me while I sleep. And while I am more than awake.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Back with my love in Lodi :)

Well, happiness is what I feel today: I have just two hours to be worked in Milan office.. then an entire day to spend with Stef, cos he took half a day free from MTV work :) Just to be with me. Not much more to add. To all friends around... today I keep myself hidden from normal world, cos I just wanna stay into my love's arms. See you all tomorrow.. I know you can understand ;)