Thursday, December 15, 2005

This evening... the bloody boring Rotary Club dinner...:/

happy red holidays!

Hi there!! :)
Hope everything's fine for you all :)
Up above you see an avatar quite like the way I'll be this Xmas (I bought a dress just alike ;))
Xmas that I will pass in Florencealong Stef, my family and my gals :)

To obtain this, I had to agree in attending this evening Lodi's Rotary Club dinner for Xmas (I'll be dressed in long black with cover-shoulder champaigne like shoes and bag ;)): thing that I find *extremely boring* and absolutely unlike me.
I'm not upper-class, I'm not liking these kind of "all-rich-and-pretentious" kind of things....
But as we won't share Xmas with Stef's family (they go all in Puglia, connecting New Yearìs Eve time too, and me and Stef have not such long holidays to spend to be along them), me and Stef were someway bound to agree, and in fact, it's gonna be nice (for the people there, at least, at our table :))

This saturday I'll be sending and spreadin worldwide my calendars to all the friends :)
I will be also answering mails in apt way :)

Have all a great time till then :)
Hugs, red meli :)