Sunday, May 28, 2006

Back again to Florence...

With all my dearest friends away to take a precious tan (Monia and Mauro on cruise to celebrate their first year as married couple, Ilaria with her parents in Sardegna, Chiara too taken with the pregnancy, but as well on the beach in Viareggio...).
I could have reached Chiara at least, but my allergic sympthomes can't allow me actually, plus yesterday marriage drowned me down heavily (7 hours of eating stuff... God I won't eat for a week!!)
So I just can rest in preparation for tomorrow therapy. I miss my Stef who's remained in Lodi...
Anyway I'll be again in Florence next week to see also the newborns in the family, so I'll see my friends certainly. They'll be black and I'll be white as usual, but I'll take the rejection of tan with Zen phylosophy ;)
See the picture, in fact :)
I have also created an account in so I have actually another italian blog account, but to be honest I can't see how I could spend time in there, having practically no time for my personal site, and spending time updating Denise's Site for Raffaele exclusively cos Denise deserves this. Can't break a promise made to her, you can understand me of course. She would be crying down tears from heaven, if I would disappoint one of her last requests.
When I was younger though, my energies were undoubtedly stronger, and way more than they are now.
So, I better leave to customize some stuff.
Just one last note: the programming on tv now that sundays are matching summer is PATHETIC. An ongoing series of crap broadcasting... I wanna Sky in my Florence house too (yeah, we have the digital decoder, but no way I am ever gonna see any Mediaset Praemium. NO WAY.)

Have everybody a serene sunday evening,
catch you soon , Melixxxxxx Posted by Picasa