Friday, December 15, 2006

Can't wait for 2006 to end...

... It has been in so many ways a year which has grieved me in too many occasions.

But from another point of view, it has matured me more than happier years have done.

This is me with Stef @ Gianmario&Laura's home this past tuesday, when we have celebrated with the local friends both Saint Lucia (that's usual to be celebrated around the Lodi area) and Della's 33th birthday.

It is being an usual hectic week; on sunday I'll leave to Florence to get ready to the thesis discussion on the 21st, then I'll get back to Lodi along my parents on Xmas' Eve.

For the new years eve we (me and Stef, prolly just the two of us as Della&Nadia seem to have not as many holidays as we do) will go to Cannes, to enjoy a sweeter climate.

I expect for this romantic break "the question".

I want a 2007 completely new and renewed. It's time to finally leave all the habits of past, and after next year's marriage, I'll celebrate the revolutionary purpose by cutting my hair. At 30, it's gonna be time.

Stef wants also that I start to give up to all my extra activities: charity, volunteer centers, all that has contributed to give me further stress and pain during this year especially. I guess he's absolutely right. So I'll do what he asks, and after the last events, I guess also with no regrets.

By the way, tomorrow is Rotary's Charity Dinner Time. I just want to win something, I'll take the boring extras like an half condemn...;)

Kisses, catch you after Xmas and so... have all a lovely and more than nice Xmas: I'm preparing the calendar as well. Kisses :)