Monday, July 03, 2006

July! and we're at the semifinals!! ARGH :|

Hi there everybody!
July starts, and August with its promise of fun and moreover relax seems nearer than ever.
One last month of work, and then the first five days of August, before I will leave to sea&holidays, I PROMISE I will update my English Webdoor. I should have this weekend, but we were almost melting by heat and then I preferred another plan, namely relax and attend along Stef to a party barbecue done by his former collegues at MTV.
*pure fun* :)

Yes... I know... I should name the fact Italy's in the semifinals of World Cup: but I have a dignity, and I couldn't celebrate something that SO FAR looks totally undeserved. Let's see tomorrow against Germany.. I faint at the perspective of hoorayin a team made by so many people I despise, first in row, that massive asshole of our coach.

Let's see: all I know is that in the end, my Italian blood will prevail, and if we WOULD WIN (I don't think it's probable...but maybe that's the secret of our luck? Who knows...) I am gonna end in a car doing carousels all over the country... :

This weekend I am in Florence... I miss my foreign friends and I should visit the overboard boards... I have to pack Micke's gift and I have to buy a Puma Italy's shirt. To be in tone ;)

Big hug everybody, you're always in my mind and heart even though I always seem absent from the web.
Love, Meli :)