Monday, January 24, 2005

Soon coming back atcha...

I am just takin my "cleaning soul" type of break after my quitting job date. I am alive and well.. sharing my days with my soulmate in beautiful locations around Italy.
I will be active online again starting from february the first...
I wanna apologize to you all dear friends for having left you newsless since December but really all I was in need of were relax and silence...
Long walks, sights of wild and peaceful nature... just the sound of my heartbeat getting closer to heavenly landscapes.
I know you all do understand me.
From February I will work in a project with my future Father-in-law (Stef's father), but in a part-time contract. I wanna my 6 months of liberty finally, so I have signed a contract that will see me workin only in the mornings.
Which means... that I will be able also to have again contacts with you all, that I have infinitely missed while undr the past work slavery (kind of...).
I have written a lot of poetry.. I haven't really made any kind of pseudo-artwork but I ma plenty of ideas and I expect to work soon with a beautiful model with easternish features.. He wants a photo book and I am agreed in makin it for him. Let's see what happens.

I have also reached also for 2004 the number of 3 marriages me and Stef have to attend to: after Monia and Mauro's one on 21th of May, and before Elli and Luca's one on August 28th my cousin Cinzia and Massimiliano will marry on June as well.
LOTS of ceremonies.. GOOD!!!!
I am very and truly excited about them all.
And... good if everyone marries this year.. next one has to be only me and Stef doing it ;)
Have my best kiss... see you soon :)

PS: I have MILLIONS of updates to make in the site... I know ;)