Thursday, October 13, 2005

few hopes to be online this month...

Me and Monia in her kitchen :)

I was hoping to get some chances to be around these past week... lately my job has taken me a bit and it seems like everyday all my hopes to talk a bit here with you get wasted for sudden new duties...Unlikely my predictions, this week sounds as busy as latest ones... I think no chances to be actually around online till my friend Micke comes down to me and Stef... namely for two weeks more?

At work the connection got troubled by storms last week, so it's difficult to connect (although briefly) till technician won't repair all properly (and that's meant to be this incoming tuesday...)Patience, I guess, it's the only solution I have :)

Up above you see me in Monia and Maurro's house kitchen: it was shot ten days ago when me and Stef got invited for dinner while we were in Florence. Lovely house, and lovely couple they are :) . We should be back in Florence next week's weekend, but no more diners.. just exiting at evening :) with the others gals too I hope :)

Of course I haven't replied any mail yet.. apologies, but really I haven't got time, and as usual I hope to patch this as soon as possible (but no more days called for that.. cos every single time it seems things gather enough to break my good intentions...)

So... catch you as soon as possible, and when I will, me and Micke will probably have to tell you about Oasis gig in Milan on 30th of October, ok?Hugs everyboody, again :) :) :) Meli :)