Saturday, January 12, 2008

what a gift!!! Thank You Micke!! :)

Since many asked for an update about my new look, I post this image which is dated 1st of January 2008 ;).
Yes, hair are completely bicouloured by now, after the decision of my longtime executing hairdresser (who still be the one in Florence, no matter if I live in LodiVecchio now: can't change him ;) and after all I visit my parents there every 3 weeks maximum!)
Ste is used to them and he likes the change: for what concerns me, I simply adore the twist. Even though I plan to short 'em down even more by the end of the spring.

Anyway, here we are : HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Work as usual absorbs me a lot; we're planning travels for it in Romania quite soon, while on the "life" side many of our friends are keeping it up with *having babies* (SIGH...)

My mood is OK, or I'd better say, after yesterday evening, *very ok*.

That's when I got Micke's gift for the Xmas times....
There was a rich compendium of my better likes: a book that I know I will love to read in language, Oasis' "Lord Don't Slow Me Down" DVD boxset, the 3 compilation cds there were meant to be there and... then....... OH MY GOOOOODNESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

Kent 's latest album"Tillbaka Till Samtiden", the version of it with the special addition of the photographic book, their autographs and...(Micke, can I say again I ADORE you??!!) the transcription of the conversation Micke had with the guys in the band ABOUT ME receiving that all as present!!!!!
Can't believe it. Still.
I'm yet unable to properly verbalize my gratitude and happiness about this fantastic thought he had for me.I'm such a lucky woman.

Thank you so much :).

Lotta kisses, Meli :)