Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Week past in building areas around Northern Italy... COOL!

Me witnessing the towers above Po River, bases for the incoming fast railways upper bridge. almost 100 meters above water level :)

I haven't been quite online these past ten days, and you can see the reason above...eheehh:)
Although the look isn't exactly"cool fashioned", and make up is virtually untakeable (there isn't any, in fact), what you can see in the frame is one of the coolest things I've ever done in my life so far. Workingly speaking, and maybe not just.

I have been in building areas around Northern Italy to witness methods and Safety Procedures and how they are applied and implemented . My task will be, after creating a Safety manual for PSG, to make a number of wallpapers about these procedures. So I went to check real areas along Stef's father and the team, to have a clear set-up in my mind.

Here I was up above Italy's largest river, River Po, onto a tower build to create the support for the future Bridge.
You can see the twin tower behind me.
We were almost 100 meters above water and you could see all the landscapes around.. amazing :)

I have many pics but they are needed for work, so I have no idea what can I show so far.
There will be a couple of the landscape in my Life Pictures section for sure, when I will update the site (I think in November) , but not much more than that.

So, I am quite taken and I fear there won't be space for art sites for a while more, unfortunately.
I miss that... but I have just too many things to do for work: and I am loving each one of them :) so it's all okay :)

I have to answer mails this week, and I am sure I'll make it between today and tomorrow... this past weekend I was in Floreence along Stef and we've been hosted for saturday dinner by Monia and Mauro :) there are pics of that too, you'll see all sometimes soon :)

I miss my kids at volunteer centre, but taking my therapy at gym place for incoming allergic vaccines, it's hard to find more than two spare hours every five days for them :(
I am sure soon I will make it back there too, though, takin a convenient space of time to be more helpful, as I wish :)

in three weeks Micke comes.. can't wait :)
yesterday I miss on MTV an Oasis special... I have to catch it again this week so I can show it to him :)

Tonight is dance class ;)
And with this (surprise, surprise...) I let you go: catch you soon again :)
Hugs&kisses, your Meli :)