Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Brief Update: he took me at Latin Dance Class in the end ;)

I couldn't answer e-mails yesterday cos evening turned out as Stef did hope for: we started the Latin American Dance Class at Litium , and contrariwise to my reticence the evening was absolute fun.

So beside the training at gym place every Tuesday we will try to learn how to dance together for the incoming four months ;)

Work should be easy this week, which is fine enough, considering next week is looking to be overdemanding instead :)

Well, it's all for now... Mails will be written this evening as Stef's got his football game along the guys here, and I am gonna watch Doc House Medical division instead :)

Tomorrow is Madagascar :) The cartoon ;) of course :)

Catch you soon, bye bye, Melixxxx

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Today all starts back!!!

Starting Regular Life 4 real... Bye Holiday Feeling!

Hi there!
The weekend in Florence has been rejuvenating :)
We've passed a wonderful evening (till 2 am to be correct) at Ilaria and Massy's, along with Chiara and Marco and Vale and Francesco.. Monia and Mauro weren't there due to a brief holiday they took.
It has been just amazing :)
They should all come back in Lodi to pay us a visit in two weeks hopefully :)
Vale and Francesco found a house in Campi Bisenzio :) :) :) :) :) :)
I am so happy for them.. now we all have a house to share with our significant others and that's amazing :)

My long road to allergic vaccines starts properly today (effects of the gone past vaccin are already here, that's why I am starting to be weak&stuff...): yesterday I signed up at the local gym place called Litium and today I start the training that will bring me in perfect shape to the end of November, to get a massive vaccine dose that should save me for one entire year this time.
Stef and I try this evening also to the Latin Dances.. this of course if Champions League won't constitute too heavy call on him ;)

Micke fixed his flights and he will arrive and leave from Linate, which is way better than Malpensa :) :) :)

Yesterday Stef got hisoperation to erase the "nei" (can't find the translation in my head now.. those black spots you can have on skin, smoothed or in relief... the ones Marylin Monroe was famous for at the side of her mouth? that thing ;)): so now he walks with two medications over his face ;) No trouble.. two days and all's gonna be okay :)

Work goes... normally :)
I start back at volunteer centre also from this thursday :) three days a week by now, then we'll see.
I am already pretty occupied, in fact. But I wil answer mails today, this is solemn promise :)

Hugs and kiss everybody :)