Friday, March 25, 2005

Happy Easter :)

Happy Easter.. also from my friend the Dolphin!

I took this picture at Genova Aquarium at the start of the month.. I thought its serene beauty could have been a fanciable sight for Easter wishes as well :)
I go to Florence to my parents for the Easter holydays.. so I won't be online at all, and I take this chance to wish you my dears a fantastic and happy time till tuesday next, when I will re-open internet :)
I go to Florence along my Stef of course, Orni, Sara, Della and Nadia and there of course I will also meet my adored friends I am not seeing almost from a month (!!!)
Can't wait to also spend time with mum&dad of course :)
Work makes me crazy at times.. and there's nothing better than being home to feel again powerful :)
Have a lovely Easter time :) Hugs and love, Meli :)