Saturday, December 30, 2006

See You in 2007! Greetings!

In about one hour Stef and I (along Della, Nadia, Orni and Sara) are about to leave to re-create the typical "half of a week on the snow" (almost: this year there's no trace of snow there, yet) above Tortona's mountains to wait for the new Year to start, in cousy atmosphere with friends.

I wish everybody a serene time to farewell 2006 and to welcome 2007 in the happiest mood.

As ultimate imagine for this ending year I show you one of the pictures of my Second Master Degree, obtained this past 21st of December.

Stef was congratulating me after the very good result: you will see more and more in the new site I'll be building in the first week of 2007. Hugs!

Catch U all in year!

Hugs, Meli :)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Xmas and Happy Holiday Time!

Be happy with your significant ones during this holiday time. Catch You all after the celebrations and before New Year. Love, Meli

Friday, December 22, 2006

107 out of 110... not bad, in the end ;)

I’m already awake, although yesterday the dinner with my family , Stef’s family and my stepfather and stepmother ended at night.
The day has been awesome… I did an excellent performance in the discussion of the thesis, I got wide appreciation out of all the Commission and even the Lady Teacher whom I was expected a very careful and potentially dangerous interest in exploiting my work to find some mistakes gave me an unexpectedly enthousiastic reaction. Even before asking me her question she showed a total confidence in my scholar skills, with this prelude: “You have done a magnificent job with this thesis”.
Everybody was delighted… so I took the maximum of the points possibile out of the discussion, namely 6. Summed with the starting 101 up, I took a very flattering 107 out of 110, which is not bad in the end, especially considerino all the mess and chaos of “the double laurea thing”.

Now I’d love to try up Phylosophy, after Social Science and Social Psychology. Let’s see. There’s always that perspective of coming back be part of the University stuff with my former mentor Professor Tarchi Marco.

Anyway, I’m totally grateful with everybody who supported me in this incredibly tough year. My friends Monia and Ilaria yesterday have been absolutely wonderful.

Stef is an angel. My unique, immense, infinite angel. I couldn't live without him at my side.

I know that 2007 is gonna be amazing, and I need it, after this kind of awkward year. Love everybody, happy Xmas, Meli :) (Double-doctor Meli ;))

Monday, December 18, 2006

No more Cannes, indeed

Yes, I'm in Florence... Trying to complete the preparation for this incoming Thursday.

Stef's parents will stay also for dinner, and along Sergio and Anna (my stepmother and stepfather) we will celebrate after the second Master Degree.

I'm exhausted, but the weekend in Lodi was lovely. I won 5 prizes out of the Rotary Clob "Adda Lodigiano"'s Xmas dinner (also some Thun stuff, which I love a lot), and had relaxing and sweet time with Stef and the friends.

We have decided then that we won't go at Cannes and Montecarlo for New Year's Eve, we prefer to renew the mountain tradition along Orni, Sara, Nadia and Della. We will go to France in 2007, instead. This is fixed up already :)

I'm unnaturally relaxed. I've decided with Stef to keep next year safe from volunteer things, charity, philantrophia and demanding stuff.

Next year is gonna be just me and him, friends and family. All the rest, in the end, never counts truly. And moreover, it distresses me in a way that 'm not ready anymore to pay.

Have all fun, I'll write again prolly after Xmas. (Do you like the new style? It's gonna be applied also at the new Italian blog version, and at the new Gallimel's web door I am ready to build in 2007 :) ) Hugs!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Can't wait for 2006 to end...

... It has been in so many ways a year which has grieved me in too many occasions.

But from another point of view, it has matured me more than happier years have done.

This is me with Stef @ Gianmario&Laura's home this past tuesday, when we have celebrated with the local friends both Saint Lucia (that's usual to be celebrated around the Lodi area) and Della's 33th birthday.

It is being an usual hectic week; on sunday I'll leave to Florence to get ready to the thesis discussion on the 21st, then I'll get back to Lodi along my parents on Xmas' Eve.

For the new years eve we (me and Stef, prolly just the two of us as Della&Nadia seem to have not as many holidays as we do) will go to Cannes, to enjoy a sweeter climate.

I expect for this romantic break "the question".

I want a 2007 completely new and renewed. It's time to finally leave all the habits of past, and after next year's marriage, I'll celebrate the revolutionary purpose by cutting my hair. At 30, it's gonna be time.

Stef wants also that I start to give up to all my extra activities: charity, volunteer centers, all that has contributed to give me further stress and pain during this year especially. I guess he's absolutely right. So I'll do what he asks, and after the last events, I guess also with no regrets.

By the way, tomorrow is Rotary's Charity Dinner Time. I just want to win something, I'll take the boring extras like an half condemn...;)

Kisses, catch you after Xmas and so... have all a lovely and more than nice Xmas: I'm preparing the calendar as well. Kisses :)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Stable, Safe and...Noel-istic!!!

Hi there dears!

I'm back in Lodi for a few days, after spending almost three weeks away to complete my exam program for Social Psychology, which will give me my second master degree just before Xmas.

I'm late wth everything else: work, fitness, marriage plans, but I am happy and very up. This although I am as tired as hell, obvioulsy.

Stef on friday has done ITS BEST for me. Noel Gallagher was on Radio Deejay, the most important italian radio (he works for the sister television and media company) and although he hates Oasis and everything they represent for me... he stepped down, caught him, took pics for me with the cell phone and gave me his sign!!!

When yesterday I came back, he showed me everything, and revealed he had lied previously to me (I was suer he had done that, but he kept refusing...). I started to jump like a kid, and now I have the precious sign in my pocket :D

Tomorro, on Monday, Noel plays at Blue Note in Milan and stef said if he finds two ticket (almost impossible, it's late now) from the Radio People, we'll go.

I keep fingers crossed. But anyway I'm already happy enough :D

Hugs everybody dears, catch you again as soon as I can :)


Monday, October 16, 2006

I'll get the second MDegree...

... not on the 17th of October, as I naively hoped, but on the 18th of December...

I need to think "lightly" anyway so instead of some dark version of me I've chosen this Elouai Avatar of myself that my friend Chiara (the american one) has created sometime ago. (My english speakin crew can't truly understand the fine tongue-in-cheek meaning of it... "Meli" sounds in italian quite like "apple", better "apple trees"... That's why she has created this version of me ;))

So, my next two months outta be some infinite traveling in between Lodi and Florence, to get all that I need for the psychology MD.

I have already in mind some speeches which are gonna make me change job, but the BAD news is that this way I will change it way later than hoped. It drives me mad, the unorganization in Italian Ateneums...

The good news is that I am gonna use the impressive amount of free hours that my insane working schedeule in two years has gifted me (erm...) with.

The bad one is that I won't be with Stef half of my time for two months.

The BAD, BAD news is that I will start to organize my 2007 marriage two months later.

I hate offices at University. Period.

But I love you all der friends from everywhere. Kisses and catch you soon again :)


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

An update every 35 days? Ouch ;)

Ops... I did it again (sounds SO much like Britney, but nah, I'm different... :D)

So many days of silence, but it was not planned (as usual... it's never planned while it still happen so frequently!).

I've been down to Florence, to take my another Master Degree there (should be on October the 17th... cross fingers for me!) and to follow some Uni activities; I've beem touring around for work, and I have finally made my mind up that I wanna change job. I'm lookin around, and I hope to find some new thing in one or two months. It's gonna be a lovely day when I will leave my current place, believe me (revenge, sweet revenge...).

Other than that, I'm pretty okay: friends are okay, Stef and I are okay, and I even painted something new as you can see aside. First proper paint in one year and half... Denise would be amazed, I'm sure she is from Heaven, and I'm sure she drove my hands in executing her idol this lovely.

Well... what more...

Chiara's baby Sofia is astoundingly beautiful, and she's totally healthy and lively. What a joy to be seen... I wanna become a mother soon, but before that, next year there's gonna be the marriage ;)

So... wish everyone around a fine day, and with the hope (solely hope) od another passage here sooner than in 35 days ( *erm*...), I send you all my best hug&kiss :)

Meli :)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"Virtually" back from holidays ;)

I am actually still trick-trackening in rushing visits to lovely sites (real world ones, obviously...) but sadly I have wide the awareness in me the time of relax and fun is coming to end.

I lived lovely holidays: and I badly needed that: I needed to cut all links with things that were reminding me of office work, so I tried to never use pc (although Stef was having his laptop wirelessly connected to the internet...) and shorten badly down also cell phone communications.

That was easy cos this year Ilaria and Chiara went with us at holidays in Puglia (Chiara for the first week, Ilaria for both) so I had to communicate just with parents and Monia ;) and Micke, whom has (among brackets) had the finest of his holidays as well, enjoyin a massive trip all along Europe.

Chiara has become mother last saturday, so....26th of August 2006: WELCOME TO LOVELY SOFIA!!!!! This weekend we arrive in Florence to cheer the baby and the proud parents.

From Monday(better, thursday, as Monday will be crazy working day...) I will commit to all the e-mails I haven't read in a month, and more :)

Have lovely break till then, hugs and kisses, Meli :)

Monday, July 10, 2006

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, my friend....

And that's it: I slept 3 hours.. but I am happy (although I still hating our coach, most lucky man in the world I've ever seen).

I waieted 24 years, I creid 12 years ago, but not yesterday. Yesterday, penalties were joyful. And that was about time.

I'm pretty out of mind, and teh team is CURRENTLY stepping off from the airplane in Rome (we're watchin tv at work, yep).. I celebrate the will and the force of the team which has been made by MEN. Their will is the force. Although we almost never played any good football, we demonstrated the power of desire and wish.

I have discovered the MAN Gattuso (the player still unseable for me), and I have discovered Grosso's tale: 5 years ago he was in FOURTH division. That's a raise up, indeed.

Cannavaro, man of the 100 games in the National team, deserves a monumental scuplture of himself. He erased my doubts about him, and now I praise him above everyone else.

Italy today is happy and feels like a real Country: sometimes I am sad, about this. I wish we would feel as one for things way more important than the World Cup. But gotta live with what reality gives, innit?

Hugs everybody, and thanks to Micke and Pete :)
Kisses, Meli :)

Monday, July 03, 2006

July! and we're at the semifinals!! ARGH :|

Hi there everybody!
July starts, and August with its promise of fun and moreover relax seems nearer than ever.
One last month of work, and then the first five days of August, before I will leave to sea&holidays, I PROMISE I will update my English Webdoor. I should have this weekend, but we were almost melting by heat and then I preferred another plan, namely relax and attend along Stef to a party barbecue done by his former collegues at MTV.
*pure fun* :)

Yes... I know... I should name the fact Italy's in the semifinals of World Cup: but I have a dignity, and I couldn't celebrate something that SO FAR looks totally undeserved. Let's see tomorrow against Germany.. I faint at the perspective of hoorayin a team made by so many people I despise, first in row, that massive asshole of our coach.

Let's see: all I know is that in the end, my Italian blood will prevail, and if we WOULD WIN (I don't think it's probable...but maybe that's the secret of our luck? Who knows...) I am gonna end in a car doing carousels all over the country... :

This weekend I am in Florence... I miss my foreign friends and I should visit the overboard boards... I have to pack Micke's gift and I have to buy a Puma Italy's shirt. To be in tone ;)

Big hug everybody, you're always in my mind and heart even though I always seem absent from the web.
Love, Meli :)

Monday, June 12, 2006

tonight I WON'T cheer for Italy's team...

Hey there!
I don't have much time, but I am here happy to comment at least one fact: Today Italy's team starts its World Cup of football, and I am so loathing half of it, especially the team manager that I am gonna yawn on my couch all night, hoping even Ghana is gonna beat us.

Can't help myself, and maybe this will change later... but truly, I don't have any will or wish to cheer the azzurri's tonight.

I'm hating our national tv, thankin God we have Sky at least to see the games.

Work is the usual bitch, and I'm having caos in other activities I normally follow... but it's all fine anyway, I'm living it with phylosophy. At least I do try that.

Word of the day should be *harmony* but it sounds and it's going more like it's actually being *mess*.

A mega kiss to everybody, especially my people at the forum from the world... I miss you all guys, and in July I PROMISE I'll getting back at ya too :)

Meli (Thanx Chiara for the Elouai's dollz of myself... they're so cute ;))

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Back again to Florence...

With all my dearest friends away to take a precious tan (Monia and Mauro on cruise to celebrate their first year as married couple, Ilaria with her parents in Sardegna, Chiara too taken with the pregnancy, but as well on the beach in Viareggio...).
I could have reached Chiara at least, but my allergic sympthomes can't allow me actually, plus yesterday marriage drowned me down heavily (7 hours of eating stuff... God I won't eat for a week!!)
So I just can rest in preparation for tomorrow therapy. I miss my Stef who's remained in Lodi...
Anyway I'll be again in Florence next week to see also the newborns in the family, so I'll see my friends certainly. They'll be black and I'll be white as usual, but I'll take the rejection of tan with Zen phylosophy ;)
See the picture, in fact :)
I have also created an account in so I have actually another italian blog account, but to be honest I can't see how I could spend time in there, having practically no time for my personal site, and spending time updating Denise's Site for Raffaele exclusively cos Denise deserves this. Can't break a promise made to her, you can understand me of course. She would be crying down tears from heaven, if I would disappoint one of her last requests.
When I was younger though, my energies were undoubtedly stronger, and way more than they are now.
So, I better leave to customize some stuff.
Just one last note: the programming on tv now that sundays are matching summer is PATHETIC. An ongoing series of crap broadcasting... I wanna Sky in my Florence house too (yeah, we have the digital decoder, but no way I am ever gonna see any Mediaset Praemium. NO WAY.)

Have everybody a serene sunday evening,
catch you soon , Melixxxxxx Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 21, 2006

from Florence, after watchin "Da Vinci's Code" movie...

I quite appreciated yesterday evening with Ila&Massy, Monia&Mauro (and obviously Stef)... we went to Warner Village to catch THE movie of the week, and although I still believe Hanks was not fitting the role, and Howard wasn't the fitting kind of director to this fictional story, I have to say it wasn't the disaster many spoke about the past days. It's all about what one wants to find, I guess. I had no expectations, beside have under my eys two great actors (Jean Reno and Paul Bettany) and one genius of the acting (Ian McKellen, extraordinary performance), so I couldn't be "disappointed". It is a nice movie, not a masterpiece, just like the book is a nice book, not deserving all the fuss around. Why people cannot just appreciate a fantasy story, and always have to see beyond things that nobody can confirm (nor dismiss, to be honest)?.
Well, next movie gotta be Volver by Pedro Almodovar, and Kim Rossi's Stuart directing debut "Anche libero va bene".
Then, forcedly, X-Man III (ehy! cannot resist to these stuff!!) and Pirates of Caribbean II.
Next week Monia's on crusade, and Ilaria goes ten days to Sardegna: they'll be both DARK skinned as they'll be back.. while I still be Moonskinned forever this pre summer of 2006.
Gotta answer mails next days (this past week has been horridous at work) and I'll do that. My allergia still a puzzle of sympthomes, always getting worst... Fiorentina is destined to B series and I have to live with that.
Luckely there are sweet sparkles in the web waves, that made me happy all the week.
Hugs everyone, mum's cooking is finally ready!!!
Kisses, Meli xxxxx Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 12, 2006

Well, if my team is involved in this Moggi's scandal...

If Fiorentina were in the football scandal...

I HOPE all of the Forentina's people who would be, in that case, dismissing all of the tradition historical and moral of my team is passable of any kind of insult in my book.
I just can hope isn't as bad as it looks for us, but for my principles if others fail, I pity them; if WE fail, I am twice as hit and as angry in my feelings, rather than just scandalized like I would be towards some "external" person doing the same actions.
This whole situations with Moggi, Vialli, Juventus, referees and who's got more, then put'em in also is simpy disgusting.
This lovely sport that we so much love, and which should make us italians happy is really going downhill. I'm embarassed, truly.

On a lighter note, my days in LurkerLandia are facing some cracking events: after the hyperfunny moment in Daveblog (trivia solved, finally, thanx to somebody called "Stellina"... TY 4 ever!), yesterday, due to a communication I HAD to make, which my mails system for some unknown reason wasn't allowing (???)at all, I even posted in the Fanclub Yahoo of Raffaele (that's quite an event, indeed).
I take this moment to thank also in my blog Alice, Sara and Tiziana (whose mails have brought tears in my eye yesterday night: thank you all SO much), and I renew my request to Chiara A. : STOP calling me "your guru" darling, cos this things is driving me mad.

To complete this blog update, this weekend I will be in Florence, when I will be planning along Ila and Massy their staying @ Gallipoli this summer (YYYYEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!) and hopefully lift up MOnia and Mauro's mood after they destroyed their LCD Philips two weeks ago (what an unlucky thing.. and the term "sfiga" arises in my mind up quickly....).
Next friday is Da Vinci's code day: can't wait to see Jean Reno, Ian McKellen and Paul Bettany there. (yes, I know there are especially Audrey Tatou and tom Hanks there, but to me they don't fit their characters. I hope to be wrong, of course!)

Kisses everybody... and please, pray for my Fiorentina.
Meli xxxx

Monday, May 08, 2006

Finally, a calm weekend :)

Gotta solve this Trivia... :D

Heya people!
After a surprisingly relaxing coupla days (!!) I get back here, to update at least some of you about current Meli's Life.
Well, the best news came just yesterday late evening, while I was watchin as per usual History Channel on Sky tv (I LOVE that kind of cult-tv) : Ilaria and Massy phoned from Florence to tell me they're gonna come at Gallipoli too this summer... WHOOOOOO-HOOOOO!!!!
I am over the top, it's so many years that Ila and I are parted for holidays.... I truly strated jumping while talkin at the phone :D
Schumi won the Formula one race so I am happy for that as well, the *gift* to Raf/project was accomplished and I made it to clean deeply all the balcony in the house regardeless of allergic sympthomes (these three things have absolutely NOTHING in common, but they came into my mind in this order :D)
Like all the 29 years old who beahve like children, I saw Ice Age The Meltdown this past saturday along my stef, nadia and stefanodella and we were laughing all the time more than kids around us ;)
Fiorentina is THERE to catch the Champions League, but I have lots of bad feelings that we're gonna be in tears and not for joy in one week ... Let's hope I am wrong.
Last but not least, aly's trivia on music on the is getting personal: gotta solve it or I won't sleep anymore (well, not quite, be calm ;)).
We can make it.... and we will!
Gotta go at boring work ;)
Catch you soon, (next weekend I am in Florence, but let's see) :) Hugs, Meli :)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Today, a kind lady shot me down with a GATE onto my front... :P!

Meli, the cartoon person ;)

Heya my people from the web waves!!!

In a very fullfilled day (tell me which one of my life isn't...) what I will keep (I presume for a few days... argh!!) of visible inside and OUTSIDE is this big BUMP over my spacious front, that a sweet lady unwillingly gifted me with this morning, while I was coming to my office.

She wanted to open the gate for me to make my passage free.. but she used way too much power, so the mobile gate bounced back directly over my front.

I cried but just from one eye ;) nothing bad, as my head's of course made of stone so.. (well, let's make it made from diamond, it's classier !! :D)

Today I also finally paid for *that special secret gift* my collegue and her cousin tried in every way to subscribe at :) I am happy I finally did, I hope the plan goes to its final success.

Micke called me telling me bad family news.. I cross fingers for that (hugs Micke!!!).

On a very light note, a post about an "impossible music request" drove me to exit from lurkerLand in @ the but it has been JUST an episode!
That place is heavenly cool but I prefer to just read and avoid to write... I past my time of preaching quite a long ago :)

Have all a great day and.. I am sad (but I can perfectly understand him) great President Ciampi won't accept another mandate at Quirinale.

After such a Premier for 5 years, I am sure he's fed up ;)

Kisses everybody, Meli :)

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Just some words.. and a Site made!!!

Nadia and I... some weeks ago :)

I have been completely destroyed for the entire past day: I even thought I might have been pregnant cos I got stomach disease and will of throwing constantly... till I properly rejected all the meals I had in my.. erm.. inside.
What a pain of day!

So today I have still to customize the house along Stef... and *luckely* tomorrow we're all home!

Anyway, things beside that go regularly.
I have completed the Site which little Denise did ask me to create before she sadly died, and I think is somehow near to her idea, at least I hope it is, cos I made it with my whole heart.

Around pollens and plants are growing, which causes me a terrible allergia, but ehy! May it's this thing for me and right now I am used to that.

Wish you all a great 1st of May.. my friends in Florence are all at the beach...*sigh*!!!

Next weekend I'll be there for sure :)
Hugs, Meli :)

Friday, April 21, 2006

brief update... ah, yes, I'm 29!

Let's forget that 30's area is almost ready to get me and wrap me up in its shading aura... :

I write down a couple of lines to -as usual- let people know I am okay.
Work still a bitch but the 4 days passaed in the Montegrotto SPA (5 stars hotel luxury.. awwww!!!) was a special gift from Stef that I MORE than appreciated.

Tomorrow I leave to Florence to celebrate with parents.

In the maintime my battle with Dreamweaver is ongoing: to create the scratch for the Staring @ The Syn site is dryin me down.
I don't have much time, but I did promise to little Denise before she died I would have made this fansite for his idol in the past edition of "Amici", so I will make it!

By now I am creating a static version, then if the people at the Yahoo Fanclub will allow me, I├Čll gift them with a regular domain name and probably a dynamic site.

I should also restyle my own site (and maybe update it... it's November 2005 old!!) and visit my boards and those lovely people.. but what can I do? Time is never enough *sigh*.

Hope yer' all fine, kisses and catch you soon, your Meli :)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

UPDATE! **************

My post election sadness for my beloved Italy...

Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Smile for Springtime :)

A smile for springtime!

New Season, new appearance here to let everybody knows all's okay, (still hectic and very overloaded as for work, but anyway fine ;)), and to write some small update in this site.

My time's so limited the only thing I am able to update is this blog (unfrequently, though): I have tons of pictures from November 2005 to share, but I just can't see when or how I could find the space of time convenient to set up some sites album for the webpage.


This weekend I am in Florence and something very lovely is planned by my friends: a sort of reunion with ALL of the former friends (males and females ) of our company/creek to share memories watchin pictures and films of our kids/teenage times :)
I LOVE the idea: 8 hours of blastin g laughing!!!
Love my people dearly ;)

Me and Stef have also bought a lovely gift for Davide who's getting 2 in two weeks :) I love to dress the lil boy!!! Can't wait to have sons myself ;)

On the "subject-with-no-sense-apparently" I see with relief that "Amici 5" (a famous (infamous?!?) tv show has closed its edition with a winner nobody could have predicted, but anyway somebody I am not sad has won (my two favourites there could have never won the league, conscious their own supporters would have blocked the others, causing damage to both ;)): the sad thing is that edition was on one side completely crap due to PURE TRASH behaviours.... on the other one though (maybe for the same reasons?) t was a total laugh and fun which I am gonna miss a LOT ;)
God, I' ageing... some years ago I would have never even though idiocities such as these!!!
One of my collegues at work properly lost her head (she's 30) over the one she calls as "Sweet Pet Raffaele" (one of my two choices along the actor affectively called "Satan Dianetti ;)"; really insane, considering these guys are 18 and 19 years old ;)
In the madness of all that, I found two amazing websites devoted to irony and fun (with brain). it's Daveblog, and which is Nemici Forum: these two places have made me have hours of complete fun ;)

For that merely, I am even happy to have followed closer than ever Amici this year (and let's confess it, I DID like Raffaele, can't help that ;), and I would have loved his team with Andrea would have lasted forever, as they have from the start been my two choices for the leadership of the year.... *sigh*)

Okay, the clock reminds me it's time to get ready for work ;). Another normal day in normal Meli's life :)

Hugs :) catch you soon , your Meli :)

Friday, February 24, 2006

February Thoughts...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

some lil update on Meli's Real World.

Okay.. who knows if the image is gonna be visible...

I'm updating this from office pc, just to let my friends know I am still okay.

Busy as hell, with lots of news... but as always lately (well..."lately" means at least the past 12 months, I know....) I have absolutely no time to be on internet.

I'm ready to newly get a further master degree, I'm having conferences to do again, I work and basically I have no way any freakin spare time.

I guess I will update my website not before April...


Hope all is fine for you people.. know that I ma very okay. In my Real World Chiara is PREGNANT!!!!! All of us Florence girls are absolutely over the moon :)

Last week my parents were here... I did a conference and all went fine down to Tuscany.

I bought through wonderful ebay the original Adobe Standard 7.0, so my working commitments will be easier to do.

Two saturdays ago I attended to a new marriage up to Treviglio: it was lovely and.. international :) which I love a lot.

Can't wait to catch all online people... but it takes a lil while more, yet.

The Olympics are okay and in Italy everybody is starting to understand curling ;)

A mega kiss to you all, Love, *Meli* :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Don't worry friends, I'm alive and kickin' well :)

Hi people!
Hi know that some of you have sent me mails a bit worried since after the Xmas/New years eve mails and sms (I hope they have reached all of you... in the mountain chalet where we did pass the changin year time the camp wasn't really good...) I have been not reacheble as I wished I would have.

I am workin&traveling through a few places and it's not easy to stay connected (also because of my laziness about it after a truly demanding work, I have to admit...); plus I am approaching to a changin timetables at work and I suppose till the middle of February there's no much way for me to do any different from past weeks.

I hope you're all okay, and that you're not too sad about my lack of communications. I'll get back the time lost in speeches as soon as possible :) .
I am missing so much you all :)

About new stuff... well today I'll get back to Milan, at late evening, and I hope train&tube&bus is gonna work okay, no matter the freezin ice around roads and tracks, and the mess we're currently sperimentating in Italy about energy.

I saw "Match Point", the new Woody Allen movie, the other day and I truly loved it. Then, to see again London, so beautiful and bohemienne like in that film, increased my wish to get back there immensively.

But I have to mind about the German meeting this June :) so I guess for this year my traveling for fun in Europe has to be contented with that only (which is much, as I am dyin for will of meeting back all the friends, Izzi and the others :))

Okay, time for me to go. I hope also to update my site soon and share the tons of pics I have from months ;) When I'll be back I'll have also the pics of the marriage me and Stef have to attend at on the 11th of February :)

Stay weel & supersonic :)
Kisses, Meli :)

Saturday, January 07, 2006

I'm back soon :) Till then... love for the Year :)