Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tomorrow Micke comes to us :)

Po, Italy's largest river: isn't that a beautiful sight?

Hola everybody...
Yep, time's short as usual, but a brief update is needed :)
(oh.. I hope you like some of the pics I took from top of soon-to-be-built bridge over Po river...it inspires peace to me :))

Tomorrow I'll take Micke from Linate airport.. he will have to wait a bit cos I can't skip morning work at office.. but I ma sure he won't get lost... I just cros fingers that there won't be any fog... that freaks me out and I am already not that skilled driver... :P

I am sure it's gonna be a fine time together... Stef's a bit scared about his English, but he'll do well I am sure :)

Work keeps being a flash in the pan... : It's all about that work that we might have NOT lost... argh! which means MORE and MORE and MORE charge for me... Oh, well!!

This past weekend (long one,I took friday free) I was in Florence :) Ilaria and Massy witnessed amazing Fiorentina at the stadium on saturday, sliding over poor Parma with immense Luca Toni (one of my player at Fantacalcio ;)) :) :) :) They're doing very fine :)

We went with Monia and Mauro catchin Benigni's latest movie: it's a very nice one: I was expecting something not that good (after that horrendous Pinocchio), but I was wrong :) It's not "Life is Beautiful".. but none could match again that one after all :)

I advice everyone in seeing "La Tigre e la Neve" :) It deserves :)

So... update's ended :)

Gotta get ready for work :) Hugs&Kisses everyone :) Meli xxxxx