Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Xmas 2005!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

This evening... the bloody boring Rotary Club dinner...:/

happy red holidays!

Hi there!! :)
Hope everything's fine for you all :)
Up above you see an avatar quite like the way I'll be this Xmas (I bought a dress just alike ;))
Xmas that I will pass in Florencealong Stef, my family and my gals :)

To obtain this, I had to agree in attending this evening Lodi's Rotary Club dinner for Xmas (I'll be dressed in long black with cover-shoulder champaigne like shoes and bag ;)): thing that I find *extremely boring* and absolutely unlike me.
I'm not upper-class, I'm not liking these kind of "all-rich-and-pretentious" kind of things....
But as we won't share Xmas with Stef's family (they go all in Puglia, connecting New Yearìs Eve time too, and me and Stef have not such long holidays to spend to be along them), me and Stef were someway bound to agree, and in fact, it's gonna be nice (for the people there, at least, at our table :))

This saturday I'll be sending and spreadin worldwide my calendars to all the friends :)
I will be also answering mails in apt way :)

Have all a great time till then :)
Hugs, red meli :)

Thursday, December 08, 2005

4 days in Florence.. starting in two hours ;)

Go Viola!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Viola RULE

So.. we are about to leave to my parental house (Stef and I) to be with my Mum&Dad (yesterday was my mum's BDay, and I have to be with her at least for a few days :)) to be with my Florence Creek and with Lil Davide on saturday, too.

Life's hectic and time never seems to be enough, but I am quite happy :)

I made the calendar and printed 50 copies, so I can share it with lovely people from all around web waves whom I have missed so much this busy year.
I am so sorry to have been this away from them (especially from the closest).. but sometimes in life you just can't avoid to choose and when Stef told me I had to dedicate to US my little spare time, I just couldn't say anything but "of course my angel".

If somebody hasn't undesrtood this, I guess they just didn't understand me, after all.

anyway.. house's all gold and red for Xmas :)
I love to see rooms coloured so!!!
I'll be also in Florence for Xmas and this makes me endless happy.

I just hope nobody's gonna be attacked by terrorists, and I wish people a Xmas in Love and Peace.

Things sometimes look so perfect, it seems quite like they have to be about to fall.
But I don't wanna bend to this sad thought so... let's go and smile :)!

Have all a lovely weekend. Catch you soon :) Meli :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

we did meet lil Tommaso :)

Make your life musical!
Last saturday... All the countryside was under snow, and we pay visit to newborn lovely Tommaso :)
Micky&Ale are over the moon, and the baby's simply awesome, lively, and with such cute features he made me and Stef amazed, truly :)

We also went to visit Giacinta, and she's doing better: today or tomorrow they'll move her to rehabilitation therapy in San Colombano's Hospital, aso things may develop faster for the better :)

Snow's not here anymore, but it's truly freezing: my visit to Florence will be postponed to Immacolata's Bridge, due to working stuff and the chance I have to get Uni letter here in Lodi instead than not :)

Mamy&Papy will change their car in favour of a Musa at the middle of January, while I ma gonna get a better job position around the same time: I will pass from half to complete timing, but I'll have a better structure around, which make me very happy.

This week I have to send mails to ask addresses for teh Xmas calendar sending.. let's cross fingers I'll be makin it all ;)

I'll keep playin Madge's record all time along, though: she ROCKS!!!!!!

Hugs and kisses, Your Meli will catch you all soon again :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

14th of November, 05: on the day of Marco's BDay...WELCOME TOMMASO!!!

Welcome Tommaso! Congrats to ale and Micky :)

The first son of Micky and Ale came into our chaotic world on the 14th... some more hours, and instead of sharing the date along with Marco (we went to a dinner for him) he would have done it along his father Alessandro ;)

What to say in such a beautiful occasion?
Just... JOY& Deep happiness :)
Shine on dear, and make your parents shining even more now :)

Congratulations... Stef and I are wearing all smiles :)

Catch you all soon: but next week, cos for a few days I am in Florence to take my allergic vaccines :)
Hugs, Meli :)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

8 mile of sore throat ;)

Feeling cartoonish today :)

Okay... yesterday we did not go to the dance class: Stef came hom very late and my sore throat just would not make me fine there.

Let's hope we did not miss too much, and that next tuesday we can cope with the rest's talent ;)

I ended up watchin 8 Mile dvd, including the extras ;) I love that movie a lot, gotta say :)
Eminem's a very skilled fella.

My Fantacalcio with Gazzetta sees me down to 23th place, with Stef in at 24th. The reason?
The insane idea to keep Ibrhaimovic on my bench, and allow Suazo to share forwards duties along with Toni and Bonazzoli.
I KNEW it was a mistake.... SIGH!!! the 6 points I have of difference with the first would have been just 0,5 if Ibra were in.


But it's gonna be a long ride: we have hopes.

This weekend I'll be in Florence, and the one after I'll be there again since thursday evening cos on friday 18th I have the vaccine for allergia and in the evening Monia's BDay celebration ;)

A long way.
Now let's get ready for boring work ;)

Kisses, Meli :) Your cartoon-type of devoted friend :)

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

After Micke Stays... thoughts&words :)

Me and Micke on past thursday in Milan

So... all my plans and organization for Micke's coming at me and Stef got quite wasted by a number of events that have occurred...
The weather was not as good as I did hope, so the fog prevented me to bring him in Pavia...

Stef had to help Angelo the butcher in a thing about Angelo's wife (not time nor space to explain here....) so on Saturday and monday morning he couldn't be with us going around...

But no matter that, I am sure Micke had a lovely time :)
Me and Stef definitely did with him.
So I hope the meeting can be renewed and I also hope me and Stef will visit Micke in beautiful Sweden, cos I am sure the thing is worthy :)

I will prepare a description in pictures of Micke's stays, as I have already done with Oasis gig and as I will do in these two days so to update my site.

Work keeps haunting me so time to be online stays short... but ehy, things are fine :)

Stef will move from MTV to All Music and L'Espresso Group (Radio Deejay included) so new things at the window are expected.

I am 14th in Gazzetta dello Sport list in Serie A... too bad stef gave HIS name and his team's name to the one callin ;) but it should be all solved in the next days. Glory's mine after all ;)

Gotta go now.... enjoy all and be fine everybody :)
Hugs&kisses, Meli :) (the one who hopes to answer mails at least this weekend....)

Monday, October 31, 2005

Such a Beatiful Day :)


So I need to update the blog immediately, although a proper review&description of the Oasis Day in Milan will be posted in my Online Music Magazine :)

Just wanna say it has been lovely.. we got up to the front stage, and so we could take very close pictures of them, and of the Coral too :)

Best thing has been Noel playing the Masterplan (I had that hope so strong in me I even predicted it and put the song in the Mp3 I took along me at FilaForum in Milan...) and Liam following that with Songbird :)

Both things were departures from the meant-to-be songlist :) they probably wanted to thank the crowd, cos they just looked and spoken amazingly of our response to them ;)

It has been a great day :)

I'll share more in the site of course, but you gotta at least see Liam as me and Micke did from our privileged position yesterday night ;)

CU soon :)
Kisses, Meli :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tomorrow Micke comes to us :)

Po, Italy's largest river: isn't that a beautiful sight?

Hola everybody...
Yep, time's short as usual, but a brief update is needed :)
(oh.. I hope you like some of the pics I took from top of soon-to-be-built bridge over Po inspires peace to me :))

Tomorrow I'll take Micke from Linate airport.. he will have to wait a bit cos I can't skip morning work at office.. but I ma sure he won't get lost... I just cros fingers that there won't be any fog... that freaks me out and I am already not that skilled driver... :P

I am sure it's gonna be a fine time together... Stef's a bit scared about his English, but he'll do well I am sure :)

Work keeps being a flash in the pan... : It's all about that work that we might have NOT lost... argh! which means MORE and MORE and MORE charge for me... Oh, well!!

This past weekend (long one,I took friday free) I was in Florence :) Ilaria and Massy witnessed amazing Fiorentina at the stadium on saturday, sliding over poor Parma with immense Luca Toni (one of my player at Fantacalcio ;)) :) :) :) They're doing very fine :)

We went with Monia and Mauro catchin Benigni's latest movie: it's a very nice one: I was expecting something not that good (after that horrendous Pinocchio), but I was wrong :) It's not "Life is Beautiful".. but none could match again that one after all :)

I advice everyone in seeing "La Tigre e la Neve" :) It deserves :)

So... update's ended :)

Gotta get ready for work :) Hugs&Kisses everyone :) Meli xxxxx

Thursday, October 13, 2005

few hopes to be online this month...

Me and Monia in her kitchen :)

I was hoping to get some chances to be around these past week... lately my job has taken me a bit and it seems like everyday all my hopes to talk a bit here with you get wasted for sudden new duties...Unlikely my predictions, this week sounds as busy as latest ones... I think no chances to be actually around online till my friend Micke comes down to me and Stef... namely for two weeks more?

At work the connection got troubled by storms last week, so it's difficult to connect (although briefly) till technician won't repair all properly (and that's meant to be this incoming tuesday...)Patience, I guess, it's the only solution I have :)

Up above you see me in Monia and Maurro's house kitchen: it was shot ten days ago when me and Stef got invited for dinner while we were in Florence. Lovely house, and lovely couple they are :) . We should be back in Florence next week's weekend, but no more diners.. just exiting at evening :) with the others gals too I hope :)

Of course I haven't replied any mail yet.. apologies, but really I haven't got time, and as usual I hope to patch this as soon as possible (but no more days called for that.. cos every single time it seems things gather enough to break my good intentions...)

So... catch you as soon as possible, and when I will, me and Micke will probably have to tell you about Oasis gig in Milan on 30th of October, ok?Hugs everyboody, again :) :) :) Meli :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Week past in building areas around Northern Italy... COOL!

Me witnessing the towers above Po River, bases for the incoming fast railways upper bridge. almost 100 meters above water level :)

I haven't been quite online these past ten days, and you can see the reason above...eheehh:)
Although the look isn't exactly"cool fashioned", and make up is virtually untakeable (there isn't any, in fact), what you can see in the frame is one of the coolest things I've ever done in my life so far. Workingly speaking, and maybe not just.

I have been in building areas around Northern Italy to witness methods and Safety Procedures and how they are applied and implemented . My task will be, after creating a Safety manual for PSG, to make a number of wallpapers about these procedures. So I went to check real areas along Stef's father and the team, to have a clear set-up in my mind.

Here I was up above Italy's largest river, River Po, onto a tower build to create the support for the future Bridge.
You can see the twin tower behind me.
We were almost 100 meters above water and you could see all the landscapes around.. amazing :)

I have many pics but they are needed for work, so I have no idea what can I show so far.
There will be a couple of the landscape in my Life Pictures section for sure, when I will update the site (I think in November) , but not much more than that.

So, I am quite taken and I fear there won't be space for art sites for a while more, unfortunately.
I miss that... but I have just too many things to do for work: and I am loving each one of them :) so it's all okay :)

I have to answer mails this week, and I am sure I'll make it between today and tomorrow... this past weekend I was in Floreence along Stef and we've been hosted for saturday dinner by Monia and Mauro :) there are pics of that too, you'll see all sometimes soon :)

I miss my kids at volunteer centre, but taking my therapy at gym place for incoming allergic vaccines, it's hard to find more than two spare hours every five days for them :(
I am sure soon I will make it back there too, though, takin a convenient space of time to be more helpful, as I wish :)

in three weeks Micke comes.. can't wait :)
yesterday I miss on MTV an Oasis special... I have to catch it again this week so I can show it to him :)

Tonight is dance class ;)
And with this (surprise, surprise...) I let you go: catch you soon again :)
Hugs&kisses, your Meli :)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Time for fallish routines... and my mail system was gone!

Waiting for Fall Dinners...

You might have this one *huge* question in your mind right now: why did she tell us she would have replied our mails if she wasn't going to?
Well, I actually did.... only to discover thanx to phone calls with my Florence mates none of what I have written (and sent) reached any of the supposed targets.
Another "updating" of tin servers?
But this service honestly sucks.
Today it seems to work, but the point is as regular life of fall has started back, I have time for "senseful" mails only at weekends. So... this incoming saturday, crossing fingers no more mail troubles will occur, you should get your answers.

What's goin on here?
Well... lots of gym training.
I need to be perfectly strong for the incoming allergic vaccines.Which means 1 hour and half at least every day (Ban Sunday ;)): I will force Micke to come with me at Litium club too cos I can't suspend the activity when he visit next month.
Talkin about that.. do you see people in this picture? there are the girls I usually have the pleasure to hang with at Restaurants around (there's all the male sides as well, but this pic is better ;)): well, next fixed meeting should be on the 28th of October for Gianmario's 40 Birthday.. but I won't be able to get in as Micke can't stay home alone... and I can't ask nobody to pay 200 euros for a dinner (yes, that's the prce of Restaurant we should get in...).
Mmmh.. Stef wasn't happy about this *little* problem, but he will have to deal with it smoothly.
And after all maybe everything will be postponed:) That's be my option favourized.

Another mess at work... tomorrow I will probably have to stay more at office. But everything should go fine enough :)

Fiorentina's triumphs are ongoing.. but I fear on Sunday evening against Inter (in Milan) we might meet our first competitor able to win over us. Still a great team this year, with an excellent trainer :)
My FantaChampionship goes well enough too and it has to do with the fact I have Viola Players in it ;) (*pride of Florentinian* :) )

Talkin about Florence stuff... I would love my mates from there coming here in Lodi this weekend, but as I haven't yet heard any call about this, I fear it won't be makeable, so we are gonna postpone THAT too.

Miss my town&people.. Florence is amazing when Fall starts... but I get there first weekend of October, so all is okay :)

Hugs everybody,
your Meli :)xxx

Sunday, September 18, 2005

meli, the cat lover...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Brief Update: he took me at Latin Dance Class in the end ;)

I couldn't answer e-mails yesterday cos evening turned out as Stef did hope for: we started the Latin American Dance Class at Litium , and contrariwise to my reticence the evening was absolute fun.

So beside the training at gym place every Tuesday we will try to learn how to dance together for the incoming four months ;)

Work should be easy this week, which is fine enough, considering next week is looking to be overdemanding instead :)

Well, it's all for now... Mails will be written this evening as Stef's got his football game along the guys here, and I am gonna watch Doc House Medical division instead :)

Tomorrow is Madagascar :) The cartoon ;) of course :)

Catch you soon, bye bye, Melixxxx

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Today all starts back!!!

Starting Regular Life 4 real... Bye Holiday Feeling!

Hi there!
The weekend in Florence has been rejuvenating :)
We've passed a wonderful evening (till 2 am to be correct) at Ilaria and Massy's, along with Chiara and Marco and Vale and Francesco.. Monia and Mauro weren't there due to a brief holiday they took.
It has been just amazing :)
They should all come back in Lodi to pay us a visit in two weeks hopefully :)
Vale and Francesco found a house in Campi Bisenzio :) :) :) :) :) :)
I am so happy for them.. now we all have a house to share with our significant others and that's amazing :)

My long road to allergic vaccines starts properly today (effects of the gone past vaccin are already here, that's why I am starting to be weak&stuff...): yesterday I signed up at the local gym place called Litium and today I start the training that will bring me in perfect shape to the end of November, to get a massive vaccine dose that should save me for one entire year this time.
Stef and I try this evening also to the Latin Dances.. this of course if Champions League won't constitute too heavy call on him ;)

Micke fixed his flights and he will arrive and leave from Linate, which is way better than Malpensa :) :) :)

Yesterday Stef got hisoperation to erase the "nei" (can't find the translation in my head now.. those black spots you can have on skin, smoothed or in relief... the ones Marylin Monroe was famous for at the side of her mouth? that thing ;)): so now he walks with two medications over his face ;) No trouble.. two days and all's gonna be okay :)

Work goes... normally :)
I start back at volunteer centre also from this thursday :) three days a week by now, then we'll see.
I am already pretty occupied, in fact. But I wil answer mails today, this is solemn promise :)

Hugs and kiss everybody :)

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Weekend in Florence... :) *happy Meli*

a I am goin to Florence in minutes!

Yeah, it's early sat morning and Stef and I are ready to go to Florence for the weekend :)
I will see my parents after holidays and my beloved Florence Creek has organized a mega evening "all together" :)
I am blessed in having the friends I got :)

I updated my site... here you can find the three sites dedicated to events in my August holidays, namely the Gran Canaria time, the time in Puglia and Elli and Luca's beautiful marriage (the picture above is taken from there, in fact :)).

You can visit and leave comments under the pics if you like :)

Ah, yesterday Micke and I settled finally the time of hs coming to our Lodi's house :) 26th of October to November the First :)
It's gonna be great to have him in our house.. and then we will go to the gig, which is always a great plus :)

Ah, if you wonder, yes, I still worried about hijacks.
Every morning I wait for 9 am to pass, and realizing they didn't make any Milan Tube collapse with a bomb-man...
I know it's unrational... but I guess my emotional side just can't take current events without fearing the ignote.

But ehi... I still fight that.
They can't have my soul. At least they can't so easily.

Wish you all a great weekend.
:) I will answer all emails this incoming Monday :)
Kiss&Love, Meli xxx

Monday, September 05, 2005

End Of Holidays... *sniff*

Summer is gone... Why Can't I Turn Back Time?

Hola Everyone!
I shouldn't use any of my Spanish likes actually to celebrate my gone away summer time... In fact, the only BAD situations in the weeks away have been linked to Canary Islands experience...
Nothing *that* bad, but bad enough to trash my "hopes-for-perfection" referring to my past (sniff!!) holidays.
But I'll have time to describe all the "sections" of my month away in the picture albums that I will prepare this week in my site.
I have about... 400 pictures ;) (200 are just for Luca and Eleonora's marriage and batch party...eheh ;)).
Anyway, I am back to work, already stressed...
But everyone's got to stand work, we know.
I am terribly touched by Katrina's fury, and sad for all those who've lost their lives and health and wealth too in the hurricane's tragedy.
It seems that horrors never stop.

I just share the pain around, innerly and widely.

PS: after so many years, I got the chance to read BOOKS this summer.
7 in 3 weeks is not bad.
My pick of the year so far is the AMAZING book by Alessandro Piperno "Con le peggiori intenzioni" (sorry for english speaking buddies... the title means "With the meanest/worst intentions").
Absolutely amazing piece of writing: witty, modern, groovy, cynical and so very 2000.
My advice to everyone.

Catch you soon :)
Bye, it's good to be back :)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I still at work... 10 hours so far!

We're preparing this big offer to Italian Railways.

I would love to do some Sudoku online, but I am honestly unable to Chief sneaks and lurks so I cannot really do entertaining operations here.

I am tired.
Stefs tonight goes out to play football, and considering I am struck here probably another three hours I won't see him at all today.

This morning I told him I fear everytime he leaves to work.
But then, it's true life tries always to take over on fears: I just read on NME online and MTV Italian site Coldplay will be back in Italy, in Milan and Bologna on 14 and 15th of this incoming October.
I felt immediately I want to get there.
I know a big gig is a perfect trial for a carneficine from terrorists but... I wanna go there.

Let's see, okay?

We're planning also the BIG Board Meeting at Sabine's in Hannover next June... and that's alwso something I would never miss out.

People have to come together... right now!
To fight that sudden scare, that terrible feeling of losing confidence in everything we were just taking for granted merely some months, or years, ago.

I just wanna live... No, it's not any Good Charlotte's quote, be sure. It's just how I feel.
It's hard but we have all to.

Hugs from "still-at-work's-desk-Meli"

Monday, July 25, 2005

Back after the week with kids... Feeling unconsistent...

Jean-Marc's Rulier beautiful last gift to me...

So, finally I ma in after the week past with kids and my working team away from usual land.
You know, I have been quite emotional lately: and during this last week especially, the news about new bombs in my beloved London, and the horrifying (but expectable, at least by me) hijacks in Sharm El Sheik, my mood keeps being a rollercoaster.

I am someone who loves serenity, but I have to face the fact I can't feel so till world will be this madness.

What can I do about it?
Nothing, just ... live.
In the weekend we've been at my parents in our mountain house. Mauro and Monia, and yesterday Marco have joined there me and Stef: my parents have been happy to pass time all together.
I have felt well too.

But always... you know... demanding myself to feel fine, which means after all I keep being scared a lot.

Yeah, I know, this is what they want.
But the whole of our system is based onto confidence in a stable system of life. It's not that easy to mantain it once confidence is washed out by sudden attacks aimed exactly at revolving everything we use to know about ways of life.

I am starting to feel like this is not a good world to give birth in the future.
But I know myself... in the end I will find a way to go one the way we all have to.

I wanna thank JMRulier for this beautiful interpretation of myself.
This picture so ghostly and intense today defines my mood pretty well.

A big embrace to everyone whom reads here.
Your Meli.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Pieces of poetry, today...

Just feeling needin' goodness...

I did touch
or it might be She touched me instead,
tanglin me up in her embrace...
It's like she went here
to block and dry my blood within,
and now I feel so cold,
in and out this thick skin.
People who won't ask a thing,
because they did already accept
someone else's reasons in it,
are haunting me and say
those who leave go to the joy,
and that should be our peace
inside and out to rest and stay...
But all I see is pain,
questions nobody can solve
trash souls whom were happy one back day...
and then a raging why surfaces,
afraid and unable to make anything right,
and then I just look out to get
why words remains just themselves,
why do they stay so senseless,
ethereally fading away...
Those who leave leave to the joy...
Go and tell it to the one who stands
awkwardly bashed by speed of time...
Go and tell it to the one whom used to hope
in some present justice,
go and face the one whose hand
will never reach again
the shape of a loving man...
I'm over this hill
rushed by windy caress
from Winterly Sir:
and I find no peace
in any of these myths...
But watchin still
towards the one that still rise
although he's breakin inside,
I feel like wishing them to believe
in that sense I just can't perceive...
I wish that those who left
can get him back
all of the gone hopes, and life and all that
they wish to feel touched by again.
I did touch Death onto this unmoving hill:
and She did also touch me.
I wonder who you are,
you seem to have no plans...
You seem to not confide
your razor will erase the broken bones...
You have put onto so young shoulders
while sometimes you let badness
ruling all of our ways...
And still this empty hill
frozen by the wind
it's gonna rebirth...
And we are gonna remain
here wondering why,
here answering ourselves by...
and here we're gonna still stay,
feeling so small,
feeling so bound to be break,
and always unaccepting what we should just take:
what we can't avoid to be...
In this slow game of the seasons,
the only things that change
is our illusion to be ready to make anything
and breathe...
but then why, why, why...
like flowers too beautiful
these illusions will
be flowering all over and over again?
Glittering my mind and heart again?
Again? Again...again?

Friday, July 15, 2005

at MTV Barbecue Sunday, trying to find some peace...

Last sunday, to try and finding peace...

So here I am again.. it took a while to feel quiet enough to write again something around the web.
I have answered only Gun, Ilaria and Monia's mails this week...
I have yet to send all the pictures of last sunday barbecue with (and to ) all Stef''s collegues at MTV.
This picture comes from there too, and yes, I smile there.
Last sunday has been a very sweet and relaxing, comforting day, along with very pleasant people.
Gotta thank again Angela and Mauro (not Monia's Mauro, ndr) for inviting us: the time spent at their home canceled for a while my nightmares on terrorism.
But not enough: I keep thinkin of all that too much.

Nothing did help me feeling better these days: not even the fact I leave this incoming week to take my kids to a week on sea (the centre has organized the whole stuff with my Company, so I work regularly and at the same time I spend afternoons with them .. it's gonna be lovely!); not the fact along Stef we've booked just days ago our week from 8 to 16 of August in the Gran Canary Island, in a luxurious hotel near to Maspalomas and Puerto Morgan beaches...

I can't think well not even at the days that we'll pass, after that week, in our beautiful Gallipoli, till we'll seen Elli getting married by the end of August...

Nothing seems to help my anguish: I fear the terrorism is gonna steal me Stef, or some of my dears, in horrible ways, like it did happen in London...

London.. all the places touched by infamy were those we did walk in last time I went in the beautiful town...

Can't rest, I have in front of me bloody scenes, and I just suffer.

Why hate has to take over people this way?

But I won't bend to hate.

G's okay, she tells me all therapy have worked, and she's healed :) I am happy. I told her I should learn from her and her won battle against cancer the way to survive my fears, and just keep on living.

I will trust those words. Friends please... keep help me. Always.

Hugs, catch you soon again, after the week at sea I guess. If I won't find an usable pc there, which I don't think. Kisses, Meli :)

Friday, July 08, 2005

London tears are my own... those are tears of the world...

Feel like all parties are over... Peace for London casualties, and the world...

I just wanna wake up and realize world is not this madness of hate and violence anymore.
But it won't work: we live here, in the core of human ferocious dismissal of sacred life.
I am sad, desperate and scared.
I won't write for the incoming days anything, cos I just feel down and destroyed.
I know even too well next in line is Milan... and my Stef works daily there, exiting exactly in the Duomo metro station at the same time blasts have happened yesterday in London did.
I have so many fears inside I can't hide it...
I can't see the end of all this hate.
And still, and luckely, I know I am not able nor willing to hate.
The only possible answer to the insanity that dominates our current days, I know, still love.
It's hard: but it's teh only way to walk in.
Today even more.

Peace for the families who've lost their beloveds, hope and strenght to those whom have got casualties , and heavy hards from the blasts.

Love you all.


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Got a week at work.. kinda insane!

Back to old times of unsane scheduling?
well, just from the half of past week included THIS past Sunday... the average amount of worked hours (regardeless even eating breaks.. indeed) was 11.5, splat from a peak of 13 to a "good" amount of 10 on Saturday and Sunday...
That's why I haven't kept contacts of mails past week.. you'll forgive me please?
The only mail I answered at was G.'s one: the operation went okay!!! It was the best thing happened last week.. I am so happy... all of our support did work :) :) :)
This week at work is better, I should be ready to answer mails finally.
But I'll say it low, cos everytime I put a plan up it gets erased by life facts ;)

Oh... I recorded G8, just to get in awe of PINK FLOYD REUNION!!!!!!!
I am mad about them, can't help myself... :)

More next time, now I just have to work ;)
but in one hour I am home...ahhh!!!! :)
Hugs, meli :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Images developed out of fires and wedding!

Me and my cousin Cinzia at her wedding party

These days Italy resembles an oven..
I live with headaches and this heat is also damaging all my pcs, at office and at home. Oh well!
A few days of troubles, I can't say I am not used to.
I developed images from Florence Fires last Friday and those of Cinzia's marriage: I will prepare the albums soon so you can all see how beautiful she was :) Just like Botticelli's daughter.

She left her bouquet at Stefania's grave... that is right, she has to feel none felt her away from us on Saturday.

I am really taken these days: I don't see my kids since three days cos at work it's insane moment: we have two big projects running and I have to work in afternoons too.

Catch you soon again, hugs, Meli :)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

yesterday the marriage of Cinzia...

Days of thoughts, happy and deep...

Hi there everyone!
First of all, sorry if I haven't replied emails or come in Yahoo... my Lodi pc got under repair due to a brilliant move of Stef, who downloaded tons of virus in there trying to have a new Fantacalcio setup... *sigh*!

I am writing from Florence, where yesterday my cousin Cinzia got married!!!

No church this time, she di d in the Pontassieve Mayor site, but believe me all has been great!!! she looked like Botticelli's spring, you'll see in the pic album I will make in a few days :)

The day before, on Friday, I took Stef along Ilaria and Massy, and Monia and Mauro (lovely after their honeymoon) seeing the fireworks of San Giovanni, patronal saint of Florence. He LOVED them a lot :)

It was about time he were seeing them!!! all these years and he had always missed them :)

Heat in Florence is insane.. but I have to write about at least one thing...

Izzi's back shaped as a bee in web waves!!! Sabine, you're adorable.. to have you back on board fills me of joy:)

My statement about losing fanship in Oasis has quite shattered boards universe but hey, it happens. It's not that I don't like them anymore it's just... that I feel nor as deep as I used to towards them. I guess my motherly instinct starts to focuse now on having my own children?!? Prolly ;)

So.. I go... thinkin after lunch me and Stef have to go to highway to get back in Lodi, and thinkin we'll have to with 40 degrees outside, kills me and my forces.. oh well!!!

Catch you soon again, hugs, meli :)

Friday, June 17, 2005

Happy Birthday Manila!

the tiny thumb of my collegue Manila's portrait... :)

Happy BDay dear!
Not much to say... I am on rush and yesterday it has been a very demanding day...
Hope when she's gonna get this at work, in a few dozens of minutes, she's gonna like it :)
This girl is very sweet, humble and tender..
She's very brave and determined and I hope when she's gonna start University after the income of merely her own work at the studio Progetti, she is gonna take the best of all opportunities and become a wonderful Architect :)

I am sure she will :)

I am waiting for G.'s news... let's hope all was fine.

I miss Cassie... I am sure she's taken a lot, but her BDay comes soon too and I hope to catch her before that :)

Now gotta go.. have all a wonderful day :)

Meli :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hopin everything went fine for G.L., and expecting more rains...

me in my friend khaldy's sight...

Yes, I woke up focusing on G.L. so much, I already wrote to her the mail I was speakin of yesterday below.

I am sure all went right, but I just wanna make her feel. I am there.

Today's gonna rain again, it's okay, so the air around will stay fresher.

I have will of writing poetry, but I never find the right time in between the kids and my work.
Kids at volunteer centre are makin extraordinary steps with Italian.
Kids can be such a force :)

Sadly it's a period of controversy regarding immigrants, cos chronicles have got their ad spots on that the past week: a guy killed another, and he was a clandestine: all newspapers and news on tv are sailing onto boat of suspicious attacks against immigrants, no matter what.

I can't stand this.
Immigrants don't equal violence or crime.
Human beings do that no matter of their nationality and beyond any other thought, in Italy there are still Italians who commit crimes the most.

Let's hope racism is gonna stop.
Brain should just analyze facts better but that requests a time and a skill not many have.

Catch you soon again, hugs, Meli :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Italians are getting downhill... and some other rants

I get to download some frustrations out today.
First of all... my people here down in Italy are worryin me more day by day.
The referendum didn't reach the quorum (and this, although sad, was expectable): but to fail it with a 25% figure honestly is embarassing.
Are Italians this narrow-minded?

oh well... in ten years time they will regret the chances wasted yesterday, but it's gonna be too late.
We're a professional Country in wasting chances, this is what it seems to me.

More on teh rant side: LUCKELY me and my collegues didn't went to see Heineken Jammin Festival.
cos my former fan heart would have broken seeing Mr. Liam throwing out (again) the night in front of thousands of fans.
I can't stand that anymore.
Let me play Coldpaly till the end of the Summer, really.
Can't verbalize how disappointed I feel after what I heard on the radio, and teh only word that comes to mind if I think of the situation is "idiot".
There are times when one HAS to grow, methinks.

But now, let's write down nice stuff (they've happened, too).
I have been focusing on Missus G. all weekend: I hope her check and operations did rush the right way...
Kisses dear. I'll write you in a few days, after you've gained back some forces.
Then... I met a male model in LodiVecchio: he comes fromnear Naples, and he's really fun to talk too.

I also got mail from a gilr who wants to be portraited by me: she's called Natalie and she's got a very beautiful appearance: it's gonna be a pleasure to gift her with a portrait :)

I have been in Florence and got my long time with Ilaria finally. I have been hosted at her and Massy and it has been adorable :)

I will miss my cousin Cinzia batchelorette party this sunday cos I can't take another Monday free from work :( but the thing that matters the most is the marriage, and that I won't miss be sure :)

Okay.. time to go ;)

Catch you soon again :) Kisses :) Meli :)

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Going to Florence again for VOTING against Law 40...

Though I truly don't think a referendum should be the way to re-make laws (I am not that confident in majority's brain, you know),and although I do believe it's a difficult matter in itself, this law on assistential procreation is impressively narrow-minded as it is.
It's against life (the one that is already), agaisnt science and against motherhood, parenthood and health.
It has to be changed.
Italy is a laical state, and I say this as a catholic, not an agnostic.
Church shouldn't lead Italy.
Dante used to say this 800 years ago, but it seems a difficult concept to digest here.

So tomorrow I leave again to Florence, for voting.
I'd love to meet my girls there, of course.
I just got mail from Monia and Mauro in honeymoon.. they loved the album from them I did create :)

I am on the verge of preparing my collegue's Manila portrait, as next thursday it's her BDay :)
It might be the only piece of artwork I am gonna make before Summer holidays (Cassie's Paint is yet to be completed, but I need summer heat for oils, everybody knows) so I hope it to be decent.

Today Stef plays the final on the local tournement of mini-football.
So this evening I am cheerleading in LodiVecchio (sort of)
The picture of today is taken from 30th of May party held by MTV Italy in Milan, for launching on Sky their Comedy Channel linked to Paramount.
It has been an awesome party, with tons of creative people in there and... Antonio Albanese's performance!!!!
We are all a big fan of him in LodiVecchio.. to witness him has been awesome, truly.

I'll compose an album on that soon I hope. I se you love the interactive albums from the way you've written me under the pics last weeks.

PS: I keep listening to only Oasis and Coldplay albums since I got them.
Two different styles, which I love equally :)

Miss you all dears, but before I leave tomorrow I will answer all mails :)
Kisses, catch you soon again, Meli :)

Me and Nadia at MTV Paramount Channel Launch Party

Friday, June 03, 2005

Working while everyone else doesn't...

It simply sucks, but at least I like to do it with my collegues, that I truly like :)
So, yes.. three quarters of Italian workers have chosen to make the so called "Bridge" and attach to yesterday National Holiday vacation this Friday to leap a 4 days out from commitments and go to sea/lake/whatever for resting their bones and minds.

I didn't, cos the policy of my working place denied us that.

Pity me???
Thanx ;)

Well, Stef sleeps at home and I have even to wake him up in half an hour with a gentle phone call!!!

But yesterday I beated him up badly at tennis and THAT's cool :O

Tomorrow I will reach Florence.. for the weekend.

Monia and Mauro mailed me from honey moon. They're having a great time.

I can't control mails at home cos we have to upgrade the antivirus and we won't till middle week of next week.

I am a bit worried cos I haven't got any answer from my previous mail nor from Cassie nor from Jim.
Hope everything's okay, I guess they're just busy.
I should understand and in fact I do.
Just wish them the very best always :)

So guys, time for me to actually work.
Have all a great weekend, Meli :)

Monday, May 30, 2005

A thought for a special human being... be strong, dear GL!

A thought for a special woman...

See? I didn't expect such a news.
One of the loveliest people I came across to know has been diagnosed with cancer.
It shocks me, cos this woman is such a special creature, such a lovely, talented human being...
I think of this since I got her mail.
I am sure she'll make it through, I have no doubts..
But I want to write you all here about this, just to ask you a huge favour:
pray for her, and think of this situation, with all the intensity you can, so to give her your power strenght...
She deserves so much your care and love.. she's truly special.

It's a personal favour I am askin you to do... get onto her life waves, with your own love.

from now, and ongoing.


Thank you and.. sweet G...I ma always with you.

Love, Meli xxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A little update...

some more glimpse...

Click on the image so it will appear bigger with text...
I will prepare the site's updates as soon as possible I promise. :)

To Micke: Thanx for the cd, it arrived today :)

To Lo :) thanx for the comment :) have you ever got my BDay present dear? Lemme know :)
Hugs :)

Sunday, May 22, 2005

The BIG day of Monia and Mauro has been *awesome* :)

me and Monia in Artimino's Villa garden

Hi there, my beloved friends!
I want to share as soon as possible some of what has happened yesterday, on Monia and Mauro's *big happy day* :)
Knowing how my things are generally slow when it comes to web updates and communications these weeks (not my fault, believe, nor any lack of love and care towards you all.. it's properly that my time is very limited for a while more, but everything's okay so don't worry please :)) I thought some piece of info here would have been appreciated at least :)

More is gonna come in the following weeks when I will finally update my website :)

Anyway... look up and much of what happened yesterday will be at least guessed :)

Monia was SHINING! I think I never saw her that adorable and happy :)

And definitely her dress was fabulous :) Here you see it without veil nor shoulders-cover but in my site you will see all :)

The day has been groovy, sunny, marvellous! The ceremony (held again by "our" priest Massimo -the same one that transformed Chiara's day into a lovely show) has been feasty, joyful and.. I even read at the end of everything ;)

Gotta say my friends approved me as the best bride of honour ever ;) But hey! they're my friends.. what else could have they said?

LOL :)

My hairdo was peculiar, but you will see in the other pictures in my site. Stef took more pictures than I did actually.. he's ready for a camera course.. he loves to do that! :) And that helped me a lot, cos near to the altar I could have never tried to take pictures duruing the ceremony :)

You'll see that by time of dances in the Villa where the dinner was meant to take place, Mauro ended... suitless!!!! I am not kidding ;)

What else? Oh, yeah... I DID TAKE THE FLOWERS ;)

Let's say it was natural to happen ;) I will launch mine next year in Ilaria's favour... we have to mantain the line of friendship, you know ;)

Hope you like my interpretation of the Cavalli's style up above BUT please don't say to me that that way I am ANYTHING like Tittany Spears (I had to hear that even at the marriage.. ARGH!). First, I am sylicon-free and on the second side I sing WAY better ;)

Too bad you can't see my beautiful shoes in th9is pictures... again, you have to wait for the site update ;).

Now it's time to close this... tomorrow is another train travel (I return to Lodi tomorrow... today only Stef went back in our home, I preferred to pass a lil more time with mum&dad) and I am tired a lot.

A mega kiss to you dear friends, and catch you soon again.

PS: It's time of my favourite music to be bought: Subsonica's "Terrestre"... Oasis' "Don't Believe the Truth" and after Coldplay's "X&Y". Awwww Love this time. I am thinkin about buying also Audioslave's one cos I adore their single :)

Hugs, tell me about YOUR favourite tunes of the period ;)

Kisses, Meli :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Here we were before Monia's batchelorette party!

the 5 of us before batchelorette party of Monia...

Hi crew!
A lil piece of update before me goin' to work.. Just to let you see the 5 of us into Monia and Mauro's new house kitchen, takin a snap shot before starting the batchelorette party of last saturday!
Lots to say about that, but not here and not now... you'll have to wait for the page dedicated to Monia's special week of marriage in my site as the marriage will actually take place :)
Oh yes.. that below is me... my hair are half of what they looked like just a few days ago.
I was just bored with their "un-shape" ;)

Everyone around me loves them this way, and so I do.
Sha-ke! Shake!!!
They will get back longer (maybe) one day again :)
Well.. what to add?
I am very excited about this incoming saturday.
It's raining a lot these first days of the week, both here in Lodi and below down to Florence so maybe that is a sign that in the end, saturday's gonna be sunny :)

Pray for that please! Monia will shine and she deserves sun and light around.
Catch you soon again :)
Kisses from shorted-hair Meli ;)
P.S. okay, okay.. in the end my hair still quite long, I know ;)
Kisses :)

Friday, May 13, 2005

before the BIG TIME of Monia... :)

me at sea by Francy
Hi everybody again!Yes I know... I didn't write you when I did say I would under previous blog update, but I had more than valid reason to that: I went beachin :)That up above is not an image based on this relatively close sea break, it's a little gift my friend Françoise made me from two years'ago holiday in Gallipoli in May, but I thought it was pretty descriptive anyway so I decided to post it.Love the way she treated the image givin it some kind of painterly feeling, a bit cheesy maybe, but ehy! so I am.
Look at the lenght of my hair (nowadays they are actually even longer than showed here) cos this incoming saturday I am gonna cut them. Makin them scaled. I promise they'll be long still, but definitely not THIS long anymore. They'll get this long again soon though, so, don't worry.It's that for Monia's batchelorette party this saturday I wanna a new head, and so I'd like for her marriage too.
Well, I am excited about this ten days period incoming. Wow! I FEEL it.I even talk of this with the kids at Centre of Volunteer help :) They perceived my excitement and tried to ask me about it. They're learning Italian very quickly, I am amazed at their brain :)
Last sunday Serena got baptised :) the sweet lovely baby and her parents really looked happy :)
What more? Yesterday I went out with my new creek at work for a very enetertaining night at restaurant: we get along very well and so our sweet halves do as well with one another.This rocks, honestly!
I miss my internet friends a lot. Straight after this update I will answer the amount of mails I haven't in three weeks.I am definitely getting older, cos energies at evening when I should keep the contacts with them by writing vanish so regularly, and I get angry with myself for that... but it would be senseless to write a bunch of equalitiesto them "to save the form" when I am tired to do more.So I prefer (and hope you all understand) to write them maybe less often, but with valuable thoughts and personal lettersalways.The quality over quantity: that's my phylosophy always.By the way, as July comes I should be freerer to write more and more constantly, cos work at volunteer centre should diminish consistently as schools shut down.The same goes for my beloved dears at Words Get Around Board: we have to talk of so many new music news!And life&everything actually... *sigh* the good Uni days, when I was plenty of spare time!!! (I mean those as a student...)
But don't get me wrong: I am happy I have grown, in so many other ways.The impression of that is gonna be especially meaningful and intense exactly now that Monia marries.For the batchelorette party we go again at Tuscany sea coast like we did for Chiara's was fun then and so we decided to replicate!Then to change the end, as we get back to Florence after dancing we won't go to our parental houses this time: we will be all sleeping at Ila and Massy's new house, cos Massy won't be there and we will be free!Free to chat all night about.. our longlife friendship and all that sounds "girlie"!Massy along the future husband Mauro, Marco and Francesco will be sleeping actually... in me and Stef's house ;)Yes, Mauro's party is being held in LodiVecchio by Lodi's creek supervision and organization... ;)
But this will be shown in a special section of my site, you know... when I will update that.Get ready for tons of pictures there, I suppose by the start of June I will massively upload eveything, so you're gonna see also Genova Aquarium, my BDay parties time and lot more.
You're always in my heart, I think daily of you with immense care and affection.
Catch you soon again, love Meli :)

Thursday, May 05, 2005

May, the month of.. Monia and Mauro!

Me on my 28th BDay in Florence

'kay, it's been quite a while... and as I haven't updated the site yet.. (I wonder when I will be able to.. I have TOO MANY things to accomplish, with the kids @ volunteer centre, work and... well read below!) I let you see at least one of the pictures of my three bDay parties at half of April.. with my Florence angels :)Soon or later I will update the site in the section dedicated to my lfe so you will be part of what has been in full.

What to add?

Oh, yes... I found a passion for bowling.. there are pictures of that too.. one is me, and BEHIND me the ball launched... ROFL! But on my first ever trial I got two strikes as well done, so maybe I ma not that huge disaster after all.

April's gone with the worst weather ever remembered by me, but May is gotta be fantastic...

Monia and Mauro are soon to marry, and so I will be constantly down to Florence at weekends for Batchelor's parties and organisation... Ah! I am so excited! Can't wait... you'll see, you'll see!

I also decided to cut a bit my hair cos I am bored of this Maria Magdalena haircut ;) But they will be long still (at least enough).. You'll see in a while. Basically I am shiningly happy. I am tanned, today I am gonna have the work with kids at volunteer creek and then I'll be playing tennis with Marco. I feel the summer near. I am happy, and so I hope you all are.

Special kisses to Cassie and Jim, and to lovely friends who have written me here and in mail. I will answer everyone this weekend.

Love you all, Meli :)

Friday, April 22, 2005

On the 17th I turned 28!

Me in Laure's gift.

Right... I am older ;)I hadn't got time to write this before today, although my Bday parties have taken place last weekend..Oh.. up in the image is me in an interpretation of my friend Laure. She sent me that along a beautiful E-card, Lillau love you!

Back to my difficulties in getting online till now,well, I had to travel twice in 48 hours, in that space of time I got not merely one, but THREE parties!!!

One in the evening of saturday, along my beloved Florence crew (you lovely girls- and boys of course-... you gave me a new cell phone so we can still speak everyday or exchange messages.. aren't you the best friends anyone can wish for herself???); one in the day of Sunday, with my parents, Stef of course and aunt Nada and.... sweet lil Davide, with his parents Daniela and Andrea. Oh my gosh! How cute a baby can get? Davide is really the most lively baby me and Stef have ever seen. To witness his moves, gestures, to hear his trial for speeches just warmens hearts like nothing else could.
I am so happy he's part of this family.
Truly someone specially precious.
Oh, and me and Stef of course feel very empathic with the perspective of becoming parents soon after our marriage next year.We love kids.But it's way too soon to speak about that now.
Let's goin on with the description of my celebrative weekend for the BDay.We were meant to leave Florence around 3 pm on sunday, to reach LodiVecchio back and then I would have got to prepare the buffet (which, accordingly to my familiar tradition, was meant to look more like a lucullian event anyway) all in our apartment.But it seems that nothing in life can be fully happy. So while getting back home, Marco called us to inform that our neighborood had died during the night. we decided that of course it would't have been possible, nor acceptable nor fair to have a Bday party near to them. So Marco offered us his apartment to celebrate the party with the LodiVecchio's crew.

I just feel grateful to have so many people around that feel close to me.Friendship truly means the most to me; well maybe I say this, but I am aware that LOVE means everything to me. I got the best man a person could, and such adorable, really close friends who support me sincerly...My parents are simply the best gift life ever gave to me,and this no matter all the arguments we used to have, we still have and someway I hope we will always keep making ... love for me is this all, the bright side of everything around, and the fact it does exist in life also a darker side, it just makes love more important and mattering in comparison.I am so happy I know how to smile and ALSO how to cry.

Anyway,on Monday then I went to the funeral of my neighborood.Truly strange situation, April's got so a few sunny days this year, and one of the sunniest was exactly this past Monday. Like a message of serenity for the good soul who left us in less than 4 months of terrible disease, like she was there to say to her beloveds that after storms always comes back the real peace.
I actually still frightned though of the atmosphere you breath in a small town like LodiVecchio when it comes to life stuff: I think everyone in the village was at the funeral, which sounds strange to me. I can't believe all were caring about the person. I have to guess many could be there just "to see and be seen".
You who know me have a clear idea what I can suppose out of this behaviour.ARGH!I just can't stand these things so un-spiritual and untrue.

Well, rest of the week was spent trying to rest or at least trying to get some forces back.I failed big time of course ;)With work, with the kids and Marco at me all evenings (Stef and Marco's parents are currently at Aruba, Caribbean Sea... ;) so I offered him to stay with me and Stef at dinner, naturally) it has been impossible to get 5 minutes spare.

Weather keeps being unnaturally raining, I am sorry for Micke's parents in Rome ;)Talkin about that, I hope my doubts about new Pope Ratzinger will be proved wrong. We need peace and armony and to be strongly fundamentalists sounds to me very dangerous.But I don't wanna be pessimistic. Maybe the role will open new paths ( or getting back old paths, as Benedetto XVI used to be VERY progressive especially around '68).

This Monday I am gonna celebrate our National holiday still hoping Berlusca's demise (LOL) while on wednesday I'll have a dinner with thenew office crew. Love them :)

Wow! I wrote too much ;) It means another week without words from me at all prolly :P :P :PI'll be trying to upload pics in the site.. but I am sure you don't believe me :P

Just wanna wish LO a great Bday (I am sending you the parcel on monday :)) and say that in Italy some critic (very important) bashed down Oasis's Lyla, oh well...Gotta live with it ;) But I get back all great memories of past years hearing them.So in the end, I am just happy whenever they sing or play. Can't help me there :P

I also wanna thank infinitely all whom have written me for greetings and everything else during the week...Love you all and I am gonna answer as Tuesday comes. You're so wonderful you make me feel shining everyday :) Thank you infinitely :)
Hugs dear, catch you again soon, stay tuned :)

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Look down to this picture.. my beloved town, shines in gold.

see, this is my shell of love, my Florence...
Awww :)
I love this picture I took last year... it's so romantic it isn't?
Well, I am online waiting for Jim or Cassie to catch me in Yahoo...
Miss them enormously , though they are always so near to my heart, it's hard not to feel them along anyway.
But I want to speak with them, and know how their lives are goin.
I wish they could be either in Florence or LodiVecchio for my BDay...
Yes, cos on the 16 and 17th I celebrate Bday three times: on sat evening with Florence creek, on Sun morning with parents and relatives.. then I go back in Lodi to celebrate it with Lodi's creek.
Hope to survive all cakes!
Yesterday I met again kids. They can be so adorable.. in their eyes you can read so much their hearts not always verbalize. I hope to be able to help them the way everyone espects at organization. I feel I will.
So that beside my BDay, it can be everyone's bday every single day.
Oh.. and I am listening to Kent.
Micke.. ou always are marvellous :)
The very special friend you're always gonna be :)
Kiss :)

my Bday come.. I feel the urge of getting back HOME...

Can't wait to be back to my Florence...
I know.. Love makes every location be your "home"... but really, can't wait to get back to Florence this saturday.
It will be just for 40 hours, just to celebrate with parents and old friends my BDay...
Don't know why I am getting this nostalgic today, I just feel so.
But this past night Stef hugged me tight in bed.. and in that I felt HOME truly.
I'd be feeling so even in hell with his arms wrapped around me :)

Monday, April 11, 2005

I've been in Rome during Pope's Goodbye

Needin time to make things worthy...

... I have been part of history... well it's not really what I was there for.
Many I think have been struck in that feeling, missing the point in the whole of the days of mourning for the Pope.
Too many pics.. why take them? why break that beautiful spiritual silence with flashes and phone cameras sounding?
I found it very offensive.
Very "modern times": shallow, useless and ephemeral.
I was there to see if Greatness still inspire, something that would not be fanatical.
I saw humanity. I liked some of that, I disliked some of that.
I guess that was very expectable.
I came back from Rome with kind of hope people can still talk about peace and love.
With the assurance people in the end WANT love and peace.. it's just that we can so easily forget that, and bend to indifference and hate.
But in our core, we all want peace and love.
I decided while in Rome these days I want to take some time up for helping others valuably.
Not in any religious way, just because I reckoned how much any single one can do to ease others's troubles.
So I am gonna be not much in internet and spend time for laical associations for kids.
I'll be using mails.. and try to update the site and maybe visiting forums.
It's just that I don't feel like painting for a while.
I want to hear kids laughing, and know I have helped them to find hope again in their future.
Thanx for keepin inspire me this beautifully, Great Heart of Humanity.
World can be such a surprise, everyday :)
Love you all :)
Kisses, meli :)

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Touched by Pope's Death, Happy for Italian Regional Elections

Hi there!
I am updating this from Florence, where I am stayin currently due to Regional Voting Operative Checks (I have been selected to do that a month ago).
While being here (I am since Friday) the "awaited" death of Pope Jhon Paul II occurred.
Well I have been heavily touched, though it was a longtime his terrible health conditions was saddening my heart, till I was truly hoping his sufferences would have stopped soon.
To witness his unability in speaking, especially after his latest throat cut was painful. Such a communicative man was like caged in his own body: too bad, too cruel even to not hope for him a reconjuction with the Holy Father above.
Still, I am totally touched.
Although some of his visions, too linked to Catholic unability to see modernity were way far from me (the ancestral vision of women, the blind positions about AIDS and safety of people, the dullness even about natality controls) I believe he has been truly a Great One about what is the most touching about spirituality: love for people, search for real dialogue and peace, and most of all, he was totally away from fanatism of religion. He was the first asking FORGIVNESS for Centuries of mistakes of Church; he visited Muslims and Jewish as brothers in humanity; he traveled the world to make people near with one another, he never bended to "Right Wars". If you believe in Christ, then war cannot be your option. Never.
He said "Do not kill". Period.
In this Jhon Paul the second was unbeatable. I deeply hope the one who's gonna follow him will have his same long foresight, cos times are heavy, and difficulties arise always more.

In all this, let me say I am infinitely HAPPY for Berlusconi's bad creek demise in Italian local elections.
Italians are maybe realizing how blind they have been in trusting this vendor of smoke.
There's hope things are truly changing, at least in my Country.
Hope always has to illuminate world, in the end.

I am gonna be absent from internet a while more: I am gonna reach Rome for Pope's funerals this weekend.

Let's feel the Big Soul of mankind, searching for peace, searching for dignity and love. This has nothing to do with Religion: this has to do with fairness of life. Everyone's got sense, got value, got right to develop and grow.
Let's be united, regardeless of colours, of belief, of nationality.
It sounds like John Lennon maybe, but Karol Wojtyla used to sound the same.
Guess why.

See you later, love you all.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Happy Easter :)

Happy Easter.. also from my friend the Dolphin!

I took this picture at Genova Aquarium at the start of the month.. I thought its serene beauty could have been a fanciable sight for Easter wishes as well :)
I go to Florence to my parents for the Easter holydays.. so I won't be online at all, and I take this chance to wish you my dears a fantastic and happy time till tuesday next, when I will re-open internet :)
I go to Florence along my Stef of course, Orni, Sara, Della and Nadia and there of course I will also meet my adored friends I am not seeing almost from a month (!!!)
Can't wait to also spend time with mum&dad of course :)
Work makes me crazy at times.. and there's nothing better than being home to feel again powerful :)
Have a lovely Easter time :) Hugs and love, Meli :)

Friday, March 18, 2005

Please welcome baby Serena ...

Stefania and lovely baby Serena the arms of her shining mother Stefania :)
Picture taken on Serena's first ever day on this planet, and taken by proud daddy Gulli :)
She's the reason of my absence from internet these days... now tell me that's wrong ;) when they shared the pictures I started jumping around the office :)
Enjoy the miracle of life :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

okay.. I have been under sea... walkin over ground :)

I have been very taken these past weekends... two weeks ago I have been in Genova, visiting the beautiful Aquarium there...
Oh!!! I have so many pictures out from that, and I can't wait to get time to customize a dedicated page in my site about the fabulous life undersea!
If I weren't having ears troubles, I swear, the first thing I'd like to practicing would be sub activity!
çast weekend it was Stef's Bday, so of course.. all time has been dedicated to him :)
I am preparing myself fighting allergias, too.. Spring has finally come and all is lovely warm but.. there are buds and flowers everywhere and this is a trouble for me...

The big latest news though is another one: Gulli and Stefania have become parents of the beautiful Serena two days ago!!!
Which is why I will prolly never be online this week.. all my spare time is for the baby :)
You're gonna see lots of her pics (Gulli is a photographer so...) and so I make you wait some more for another image here too ;) (I ma cruel!).
Wishing you a blasting day.. I have to rush to work myself :) Hugs :) Meli :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Just finished "babysitting"sweet Valentina...

the baby I hold on my knees in my homepage, that many fail in thinkin is my daughter (!!!!!!), is named Valentina, and she's born on my same day, just MANY years later than I did.
She's the daughter of Stef's cousin Silvio :)
She will be 8 when I am gonna be 28, and we have this very particular link that makes us just get along perfectly. This afternoon she has been here... all time. I taught her some guitar tabs and she seems (just like me) very into arts... from music to writing to drawing...
well, I am destroyed and have yet to prepare dinner, but the day was memorable.
When I am gonna be a mother (not soon, prolly), I would love to have a daughter like her ;)

Thursday, February 17, 2005

A couple of days more a bit away...:)

Some days more for me to be un-wired.... :)
I know I know.. I said that I would have started to be way more active online but after 6 months of no chance to ever get spare time for myself, and after a week among workers furnishing (and not finishing to) the house, this week I am takin afternoons to walk around, do gym, visit friends and of course go to shopping!
I have found Monia's marriage dress. I am gonna be flame red ;)ehheheh. Now I just have to find the shoes.
This weekend I am in Florence celebrating daddy's 63th BDay... I am hard working to update the site before that, or by the start of new week. then I will be constantly online I promise. But you have to understand... Quality time!!! I have finally some of that and I was almost unused to :)
So.. be a lil more patient :) and from my homepage... you can find my Yahoo icon. When allowed to, I'll be using that more than MSN to chat. Just a note. In the end, I am almost never online to chat so when you want me to, drop me a mail and we'll fix a dating time there or in MSN Okay?
See you in some days. Don't be afraid.. I am just having FUN while not online ;)

Monday, February 14, 2005

For all the lovers around :)

Happy Valentine !!!

Back from work.. got something to do for this evening.
Yes I know.. everyone does it but I am very keen to that tradition anyway :)
I'll be cooking choco cake for my sweet half and prepare the kind of dinner every lover should deserve for Valentine :)
In the pic it's me and Stef at mountain on 1st of January...I know I have to update all the site... but time is always short!
This past week we've got workers in the house meant to finish the furnishing incumbence but in the end not everything went smoothly so we haven't seen the final chapter yet ;) Oh well :O
At work everything's okay.
Time is fine, and I have finally way to do my massages, do my gym.. take care of the house and do my own stuff.
God, I feel so well :)
*Happy day to everyone... lovers or un-lovers*!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2005

Soon coming back atcha...

I am just takin my "cleaning soul" type of break after my quitting job date. I am alive and well.. sharing my days with my soulmate in beautiful locations around Italy.
I will be active online again starting from february the first...
I wanna apologize to you all dear friends for having left you newsless since December but really all I was in need of were relax and silence...
Long walks, sights of wild and peaceful nature... just the sound of my heartbeat getting closer to heavenly landscapes.
I know you all do understand me.
From February I will work in a project with my future Father-in-law (Stef's father), but in a part-time contract. I wanna my 6 months of liberty finally, so I have signed a contract that will see me workin only in the mornings.
Which means... that I will be able also to have again contacts with you all, that I have infinitely missed while undr the past work slavery (kind of...).
I have written a lot of poetry.. I haven't really made any kind of pseudo-artwork but I ma plenty of ideas and I expect to work soon with a beautiful model with easternish features.. He wants a photo book and I am agreed in makin it for him. Let's see what happens.

I have also reached also for 2004 the number of 3 marriages me and Stef have to attend to: after Monia and Mauro's one on 21th of May, and before Elli and Luca's one on August 28th my cousin Cinzia and Massimiliano will marry on June as well.
LOTS of ceremonies.. GOOD!!!!
I am very and truly excited about them all.
And... good if everyone marries this year.. next one has to be only me and Stef doing it ;)
Have my best kiss... see you soon :)

PS: I have MILLIONS of updates to make in the site... I know ;)