Friday, July 08, 2005

London tears are my own... those are tears of the world...

Feel like all parties are over... Peace for London casualties, and the world...

I just wanna wake up and realize world is not this madness of hate and violence anymore.
But it won't work: we live here, in the core of human ferocious dismissal of sacred life.
I am sad, desperate and scared.
I won't write for the incoming days anything, cos I just feel down and destroyed.
I know even too well next in line is Milan... and my Stef works daily there, exiting exactly in the Duomo metro station at the same time blasts have happened yesterday in London did.
I have so many fears inside I can't hide it...
I can't see the end of all this hate.
And still, and luckely, I know I am not able nor willing to hate.
The only possible answer to the insanity that dominates our current days, I know, still love.
It's hard: but it's teh only way to walk in.
Today even more.

Peace for the families who've lost their beloveds, hope and strenght to those whom have got casualties , and heavy hards from the blasts.

Love you all.


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Anonymous said...

We all suffer from the London blasts, those places I know so well, often working in the City. My tears, as yours, join those of all human beings in the world.