Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Got a week at work.. kinda insane!

Back to old times of unsane scheduling?
well, just from the half of past week included THIS past Sunday... the average amount of worked hours (regardeless even eating breaks.. indeed) was 11.5, splat from a peak of 13 to a "good" amount of 10 on Saturday and Sunday...
That's why I haven't kept contacts of mails past week.. you'll forgive me please?
The only mail I answered at was G.'s one: the operation went okay!!! It was the best thing happened last week.. I am so happy... all of our support did work :) :) :)
This week at work is better, I should be ready to answer mails finally.
But I'll say it low, cos everytime I put a plan up it gets erased by life facts ;)

Oh... I recorded G8, just to get in awe of PINK FLOYD REUNION!!!!!!!
I am mad about them, can't help myself... :)

More next time, now I just have to work ;)
but in one hour I am home...ahhh!!!! :)
Hugs, meli :)

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