Thursday, December 08, 2005

4 days in Florence.. starting in two hours ;)

Go Viola!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Viola RULE

So.. we are about to leave to my parental house (Stef and I) to be with my Mum&Dad (yesterday was my mum's BDay, and I have to be with her at least for a few days :)) to be with my Florence Creek and with Lil Davide on saturday, too.

Life's hectic and time never seems to be enough, but I am quite happy :)

I made the calendar and printed 50 copies, so I can share it with lovely people from all around web waves whom I have missed so much this busy year.
I am so sorry to have been this away from them (especially from the closest).. but sometimes in life you just can't avoid to choose and when Stef told me I had to dedicate to US my little spare time, I just couldn't say anything but "of course my angel".

If somebody hasn't undesrtood this, I guess they just didn't understand me, after all.

anyway.. house's all gold and red for Xmas :)
I love to see rooms coloured so!!!
I'll be also in Florence for Xmas and this makes me endless happy.

I just hope nobody's gonna be attacked by terrorists, and I wish people a Xmas in Love and Peace.

Things sometimes look so perfect, it seems quite like they have to be about to fall.
But I don't wanna bend to this sad thought so... let's go and smile :)!

Have all a lovely weekend. Catch you soon :) Meli :)