Wednesday, November 09, 2005

8 mile of sore throat ;)

Feeling cartoonish today :)

Okay... yesterday we did not go to the dance class: Stef came hom very late and my sore throat just would not make me fine there.

Let's hope we did not miss too much, and that next tuesday we can cope with the rest's talent ;)

I ended up watchin 8 Mile dvd, including the extras ;) I love that movie a lot, gotta say :)
Eminem's a very skilled fella.

My Fantacalcio with Gazzetta sees me down to 23th place, with Stef in at 24th. The reason?
The insane idea to keep Ibrhaimovic on my bench, and allow Suazo to share forwards duties along with Toni and Bonazzoli.
I KNEW it was a mistake.... SIGH!!! the 6 points I have of difference with the first would have been just 0,5 if Ibra were in.


But it's gonna be a long ride: we have hopes.

This weekend I'll be in Florence, and the one after I'll be there again since thursday evening cos on friday 18th I have the vaccine for allergia and in the evening Monia's BDay celebration ;)

A long way.
Now let's get ready for boring work ;)

Kisses, Meli :) Your cartoon-type of devoted friend :)