Friday, March 18, 2005

Please welcome baby Serena ...

Stefania and lovely baby Serena the arms of her shining mother Stefania :)
Picture taken on Serena's first ever day on this planet, and taken by proud daddy Gulli :)
She's the reason of my absence from internet these days... now tell me that's wrong ;) when they shared the pictures I started jumping around the office :)
Enjoy the miracle of life :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

okay.. I have been under sea... walkin over ground :)

I have been very taken these past weekends... two weeks ago I have been in Genova, visiting the beautiful Aquarium there...
Oh!!! I have so many pictures out from that, and I can't wait to get time to customize a dedicated page in my site about the fabulous life undersea!
If I weren't having ears troubles, I swear, the first thing I'd like to practicing would be sub activity!
├žast weekend it was Stef's Bday, so of course.. all time has been dedicated to him :)
I am preparing myself fighting allergias, too.. Spring has finally come and all is lovely warm but.. there are buds and flowers everywhere and this is a trouble for me...

The big latest news though is another one: Gulli and Stefania have become parents of the beautiful Serena two days ago!!!
Which is why I will prolly never be online this week.. all my spare time is for the baby :)
You're gonna see lots of her pics (Gulli is a photographer so...) and so I make you wait some more for another image here too ;) (I ma cruel!).
Wishing you a blasting day.. I have to rush to work myself :) Hugs :) Meli :)