Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Smile for Springtime :)

A smile for springtime!

New Season, new appearance here to let everybody knows all's okay, (still hectic and very overloaded as for work, but anyway fine ;)), and to write some small update in this site.

My time's so limited the only thing I am able to update is this blog (unfrequently, though): I have tons of pictures from November 2005 to share, but I just can't see when or how I could find the space of time convenient to set up some sites album for the webpage.


This weekend I am in Florence and something very lovely is planned by my friends: a sort of reunion with ALL of the former friends (males and females ) of our company/creek to share memories watchin pictures and films of our kids/teenage times :)
I LOVE the idea: 8 hours of blastin g laughing!!!
Love my people dearly ;)

Me and Stef have also bought a lovely gift for Davide who's getting 2 in two weeks :) I love to dress the lil boy!!! Can't wait to have sons myself ;)

On the "subject-with-no-sense-apparently" I see with relief that "Amici 5" (a famous (infamous?!?) tv show has closed its edition with a winner nobody could have predicted, but anyway somebody I am not sad has won (my two favourites there could have never won the league, conscious their own supporters would have blocked the others, causing damage to both ;)): the sad thing is that edition was on one side completely crap due to PURE TRASH behaviours.... on the other one though (maybe for the same reasons?) t was a total laugh and fun which I am gonna miss a LOT ;)
God, I' ageing... some years ago I would have never even though idiocities such as these!!!
One of my collegues at work properly lost her head (she's 30) over the one she calls as "Sweet Pet Raffaele" (one of my two choices along the actor affectively called "Satan Dianetti ;)"; really insane, considering these guys are 18 and 19 years old ;)
In the madness of all that, I found two amazing websites devoted to irony and fun (with brain). it's Daveblog, and which is Nemici Forum: these two places have made me have hours of complete fun ;)

For that merely, I am even happy to have followed closer than ever Amici this year (and let's confess it, I DID like Raffaele, can't help that ;), and I would have loved his team with Andrea would have lasted forever, as they have from the start been my two choices for the leadership of the year.... *sigh*)

Okay, the clock reminds me it's time to get ready for work ;). Another normal day in normal Meli's life :)

Hugs :) catch you soon , your Meli :)