Friday, April 22, 2005

On the 17th I turned 28!

Me in Laure's gift.

Right... I am older ;)I hadn't got time to write this before today, although my Bday parties have taken place last weekend..Oh.. up in the image is me in an interpretation of my friend Laure. She sent me that along a beautiful E-card, Lillau love you!

Back to my difficulties in getting online till now,well, I had to travel twice in 48 hours, in that space of time I got not merely one, but THREE parties!!!

One in the evening of saturday, along my beloved Florence crew (you lovely girls- and boys of course-... you gave me a new cell phone so we can still speak everyday or exchange messages.. aren't you the best friends anyone can wish for herself???); one in the day of Sunday, with my parents, Stef of course and aunt Nada and.... sweet lil Davide, with his parents Daniela and Andrea. Oh my gosh! How cute a baby can get? Davide is really the most lively baby me and Stef have ever seen. To witness his moves, gestures, to hear his trial for speeches just warmens hearts like nothing else could.
I am so happy he's part of this family.
Truly someone specially precious.
Oh, and me and Stef of course feel very empathic with the perspective of becoming parents soon after our marriage next year.We love kids.But it's way too soon to speak about that now.
Let's goin on with the description of my celebrative weekend for the BDay.We were meant to leave Florence around 3 pm on sunday, to reach LodiVecchio back and then I would have got to prepare the buffet (which, accordingly to my familiar tradition, was meant to look more like a lucullian event anyway) all in our apartment.But it seems that nothing in life can be fully happy. So while getting back home, Marco called us to inform that our neighborood had died during the night. we decided that of course it would't have been possible, nor acceptable nor fair to have a Bday party near to them. So Marco offered us his apartment to celebrate the party with the LodiVecchio's crew.

I just feel grateful to have so many people around that feel close to me.Friendship truly means the most to me; well maybe I say this, but I am aware that LOVE means everything to me. I got the best man a person could, and such adorable, really close friends who support me sincerly...My parents are simply the best gift life ever gave to me,and this no matter all the arguments we used to have, we still have and someway I hope we will always keep making ... love for me is this all, the bright side of everything around, and the fact it does exist in life also a darker side, it just makes love more important and mattering in comparison.I am so happy I know how to smile and ALSO how to cry.

Anyway,on Monday then I went to the funeral of my neighborood.Truly strange situation, April's got so a few sunny days this year, and one of the sunniest was exactly this past Monday. Like a message of serenity for the good soul who left us in less than 4 months of terrible disease, like she was there to say to her beloveds that after storms always comes back the real peace.
I actually still frightned though of the atmosphere you breath in a small town like LodiVecchio when it comes to life stuff: I think everyone in the village was at the funeral, which sounds strange to me. I can't believe all were caring about the person. I have to guess many could be there just "to see and be seen".
You who know me have a clear idea what I can suppose out of this behaviour.ARGH!I just can't stand these things so un-spiritual and untrue.

Well, rest of the week was spent trying to rest or at least trying to get some forces back.I failed big time of course ;)With work, with the kids and Marco at me all evenings (Stef and Marco's parents are currently at Aruba, Caribbean Sea... ;) so I offered him to stay with me and Stef at dinner, naturally) it has been impossible to get 5 minutes spare.

Weather keeps being unnaturally raining, I am sorry for Micke's parents in Rome ;)Talkin about that, I hope my doubts about new Pope Ratzinger will be proved wrong. We need peace and armony and to be strongly fundamentalists sounds to me very dangerous.But I don't wanna be pessimistic. Maybe the role will open new paths ( or getting back old paths, as Benedetto XVI used to be VERY progressive especially around '68).

This Monday I am gonna celebrate our National holiday still hoping Berlusca's demise (LOL) while on wednesday I'll have a dinner with thenew office crew. Love them :)

Wow! I wrote too much ;) It means another week without words from me at all prolly :P :P :PI'll be trying to upload pics in the site.. but I am sure you don't believe me :P

Just wanna wish LO a great Bday (I am sending you the parcel on monday :)) and say that in Italy some critic (very important) bashed down Oasis's Lyla, oh well...Gotta live with it ;) But I get back all great memories of past years hearing them.So in the end, I am just happy whenever they sing or play. Can't help me there :P

I also wanna thank infinitely all whom have written me for greetings and everything else during the week...Love you all and I am gonna answer as Tuesday comes. You're so wonderful you make me feel shining everyday :) Thank you infinitely :)
Hugs dear, catch you again soon, stay tuned :)