Friday, December 10, 2004

A Month directly belongin to Nightmare Land...

Felling the workin pressure...

Yep... I still alive...
Not "kickin" cos some brilliant brain outta there has decided to make us work EVEN on Sundays morning.
This till 10 January aprox. Maybe even after, but I don't care about the "after" cos I won't be there anymore. Yes.. I am takin 6 months off from my insane workin schedules/practices...
I need to breathe basically, and not being surrounded by stealers of ideas, forces and resources.
I am fed up with the whole packae and for a while I wanna do the rest.. take my other Master Degree.. write my book, getting to publishing with it.. learning some of Stef's father's acquintances and develop my skills.
Don't worry for me friends okay?
All this mess and turmoil are gonna end, I ma so sorry I can't be any around these days.. but New year comes, new life arrives okay?
Love ya all :)
Catch you after the storm ;)
Hugs, Meli :)

PS: Yep, that's me.
It's a shot among many others I took for a BRazilian friend who wanted to work artistically with my image :) There are even more glamorous poses and who knows.. you might see more soon ;)

PS 2: I found a model whose book will be made by me!! He's a spectacular indian guy ( fully Italian.. but his origins are clear by watchin him) called Bernard. Can't wait to work with him :) I banned him yesterday from cutting his hair ;) I wanna imagine him as a rockstar ;)

PS 3: Your Xmas gifts are all ready.. not very big, but made with heart.. and maybe even useful :)
HUGS!!!! Meli the "all time worker"

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Gotta practice joga today...
I am SERIOUSLY thinkin of quitting my job as researcher and start up a new life. A new career. Something new.
I am fed up with the disorganisation and lack of respect I have found in Milan University teams I have worked with so far.
I mean... even doing something diverse for a few years, makin my work profile wider and better, I won't lose the status I have already as doctor nor I will break my future chances to become a University Teacher.
I will just start back from the point I would leave at now.
I can't really stand these people around... they have no ethic, they do their own interests walkin over others and wearing their best smiles doing so.. with no regret, no conscience.. absolutely no moral.
I'd rather prefer sell things in a shop that keep having to share my days with individuals like them.
I am waiting to complete my book and present it to an editor, but I never get spare times.. all the promises have left unfilled by my responsible at work. Everything they did assure me hasn't been done yet. And my patience is starting to fade.
In Florence things were totally different.
Oh.. just a lil rant.. today is conference time again, up in Monza.
I should be back in the afternoon and then I'll do my yoga and try to catch Cassie up online. Gotta speak with her, sweet angel...
See ya soon :) Have all a balanced day :)
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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Today I should have been at EMA's... in the all pass area!!!

Today I am pissed... GRRRR!!!
Oh yes... I should have been already flying to Rome... getting along Stef the passes for MTV's people for THE event of Ema's in Roma, Tor di Valle... I was waiting for this and used to think the only major obstacle (unsurpassable in fact) could have been Stef's idiosyncraticy for musical events, especially as huge as that one.
But two days ago he cane home with the request...
"I know you adore these things so.. yeah.. we can be in the VIP area and you can meet everyone who's there if you like..."
Already with BEP last months was incredible...imagine to meet again cute Adam from Maroon 5...and all the people from all world coming for the events.. it would have been absolutely fantastic and then.. then.. then....
I can't go for I don't have allowed free days.
I spent weeks traveling all around after the promise of getting also spare days at ease and WHAT????
My chief here didn't free me for this long weekend.
God I am SO pissed.
I have to elaborate the rage...
I have to..
I have to...
I am fuming off :
You have all a lovely day, though.. I will burn in my disappointment instead ;)
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Monday, November 08, 2004

Around a Moving Sun

How Jessie Ferguson portraited me.

Wow... No I am not dead. I am writing here in a very SHORT and quick updating chance moment due to the fact I have to assure my friends around the globe I am more than okay.
Healthly speaking at least.
It's just that work is takin me over.
Sun changes over me... it shines in so many different locations these days, and the hectic life I have to live beside being interesting has also a minus point: it dries my chances to be around when friends needs.
Or just when they'd like to talk.
American elections have been. I passed the entire night eye-opened due also to the fact that Politics and Communication is my daily bread in life.
Well, as many others Europeans I had to see that the epilogue wasn't my hope fullfilled. Though I sadly knew that would have been the end. It was just about technical knowledge of the situation. But at least the under 30s are abundantly on the "other side". We've got hope for a tomorrow. (This is for my friend Brian.. dear.. I HAD to say something.... you have your favourite four more years up.. can I hope at least for the tomorrow? right ;))
But it will be what has to be ... let's cross fingers we're not on the verge of disaster.
Here is another week of rushing here and there in the beautiful (sometimes rainy, sometimes sunny) Italy.
Towns of Science will all be mine?
Who knows ;)
I just can't wait to be back with my love in Lodi by Sunday.
Then I will be hopefully getting some more spare time to be online again ;)
Music of the week?
Oh, Many Styles and many songs.
Basically though... Eminem&REM and Placebo.
Oh.. and the new Remixed album of Depeche Mode.
PS: I saw Maroon 5 when they came in Italy TRL. Adam is just so cute. And a very nice and polite.. latin lover too ;)
The plan could be to try to witness from the very INSIDE European Music Awards in Rome. But I don't know if my work will allow and then Stefano is not really someone who likes big events.
Let's see... (If I were a teenager again.. his job is just the best ;))
Wish you all a super week. Love you dears.
Thanx Paul for giving me the new East York addy :) You're a traveler too dear ;)
HUGS!!! Meli rushes to the writing conferencial universe.
Bye ;)

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Stef, me and Jim

Okay... it's a very long time that I am not uploading this but I had several (and all good) reasons to not to.
First of all.. I got finally vaccined against my allergias!!!! (Holas from teh crowd.. thanx ;)) and that for some days saw me under therapy in hospital. No internet there.
Too bad cos the boredom reached a peak level in that room ;)
Then I went back to Lodi :) where I'll stay till November, and where me and Stef have got the lovely pleasure to have with us for a few days the sweet (and super tall!!) guy you see above, Jim Tetlow, from Leicestershire with luv :)
We've passed several days in harmony, visiting Milan town.. always under rain (in my site I'll soon be creating a page for the Fall pictures we took :)) but missing due to strikes the visit I was programming to Venice... :( I would have loved to show him the Dali' expo which is currently there, but there were no way to reach (and moreover to get back) Venice town safely.
Why Italy's constantly on strike?
Anyway, we had special fun anyway :)
I cooked apparently well enough and finally Jim tasted what I meant with "Italian cooking". Now he seems to like more both cakes and pizza ;)
Can't wait to visit the beautiful England again soon... we will pay visit back next year for sure :)
Well... I could write agaes about his staying but I will through pictures as soon as I find time to upload my website.
Work is a bummer (he saw the Milan buildings of Bovisa.. and probably got a glimpse of the fuss that my work is ;)) and I have to go.
Enjoy your day.. see you soon.

PS: we were always eating at MTV staying.. I saw the new TRL VJ Federico: he's as short as me????

Oh well. On thursday we saw The Calling... there were hundreds of screming teenagers under the TRL balcony and I was like scrolling head to Jim, imitating in squeeky voice the screams of the young (blind) crowd... " Oh my gosh!!! Alex! Alex!!!! (The singer of the combo...a girl who doesn't wear skirts, with a rather masculine voice.. or a guy with an uncanny resemblance with a woman.. you can choose) Can you teach me how to wear mascara the way you do???".. cos sincerly..that guy is "guy" the way Jhonatan from Big Brother (GF) 5 is... :

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Playing Robert Smith and Marylin Manson

Above it's me still, with black wig...
I think I am starting to feel Halloween Time :P
It's also due to the dark mood in me being forced to stay away from my love, but hey! To disguise is very funny.
Why do I have dsguises at home?
Two reasons. I love Carnival and Halloween (it fits my theathrical side) and... well, I like to "play" sexual stories when possible, of course ;).

By the way, today it's a great day: my dear Jim will come at me and Stef flyin from Brum airport on Sunday the 17th of October, and will remain 5 days at us!!! Can't wait :) I dearly love him and I was waiting to host him in my universe since two years :) It's gonna be a blast :)

I promise not to scare him with the black wig :P
Now I fly to work... it's about time ;) (that fits my Mansonish look above, instead).
CYa!!! ;)

Saturday, September 25, 2004

soon rushing away from him...

Okay, not yet actually.. I'll be rushing over trains for the whole of the incoming week actually. To work as Researcher is a stress "logistically" speaking, but that's just from time to time.
Cassie angel.. if you're reading this I tried to change the picture below with the guitar (yep, the "rude" one) but I have no idea how nor why, it's not allowed apparently cos everytime I try to reload the page it doesn't show properly.. I fear we'll have to wait till the page disappears ;)
So me and Stef are preparing ourselves to host Chiara and Marco (see in my website in the pictures of friends section their marriage on July the 17th :) )... I am happy but also a bit sad cos tomorrow I'll leave along them towards Florence again.
Oh well... I wish I could remain in this Lodi's house.. cos I cannot be happy without my love. Next time I'll be here, Jim will come as well from England :) Can't wait :) Those days are gonna be AMAZING :)
Me and Stef have also decided to completely remake the office/guests room. ALREADY. it's gonna be a stylish, modern and colourful room :) the only thing that is gonna remain is the sofa bed, that I have called "Milu'" :) we're also completing the living roommaybe even before Jim comes... let's hope.. I'd love him to see the completed room at least :)
So... Time to take care of my Lord before our friends arrive. We gotta capitalize the morning in.. lovey terms ;)
See you in one week.. maybe if I get a chance I'll upload this blog through hotel room next week but it really depends on my energies at night after intense work :) hugs, take care you all :) meli :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Reflections are moths or butterflies...

I am so happy... Sharing a bed with him, feeling he caresses me so very long at night, when he thinks I don't perceive that consciously cos Morpheus seems to have taken me over fully...
But I feel the urge of bad ghosts, I keep fearing something tragic is ready to happen. All this hate that fires the world down nowadays... Promises of Holy Wars, by all sides (no, I don't think there's really just one side aiming at that... sadly it's something many think about, and I find that so inhuman, especially when it comes from so called "democracies"), and we got to take daily trains, buses, metros... airplanes...
We live in ways that are unprotectable.
Let's face it: it's easy to kill in our societies.
To kill blindly, to kill spectacularly... we never think about that cos otherwise we couldn't live. Stef always tell me not to paint myself the end of the world, cos this way it's like I stop to live already, instead of goin on. His pragmatism... I wish were mine.
But Reflections come at night, like moths with dark wings that silently cover my eyes and horizon in a dusty cloud... I wish they could be coloured butterflies, cos I feel I have all I could dream of: a simple life made of love with my Prince. Maybe it's just that i feel I don't deserve it.. maybe I am just scared the way men can keep wish to erase and cancel other men who think differently than they do.
We're all so presumptious, frajile and arrogant. Tricky, dangerous combinations, that give no rest to me while I sleep. And while I am more than awake.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Back with my love in Lodi :)

Well, happiness is what I feel today: I have just two hours to be worked in Milan office.. then an entire day to spend with Stef, cos he took half a day free from MTV work :) Just to be with me. Not much more to add. To all friends around... today I keep myself hidden from normal world, cos I just wanna stay into my love's arms. See you all tomorrow.. I know you can understand ;)

Friday, September 17, 2004

One more art modeling

Me again modelling for Jean-Marc Rulier's art.

Just for note: any picture posted in this site is COPYRIGHTED.

No stealing, barrowing, or manipulation practices are allowed.

Hopefully incoming... the lovey/sexy weekend ;)

The copy of Davide of Michelangelo you see at Piazzale Michelangelo.

Okay... I should be used to distance.
I should, oh... I have been away from the object of my love ALWAYS in my life...
Years passed imagining meetings for days, weeks.. sometimes even months...
a figure that I loved shaped in my heart, creating sweet ghosts in front of my desiring eyes.
So what's up then? after all this is just temporary...
I am only temporarily back in Florence...
We've done that for almost one year... now to miss my Lord is terrible.
I am like i never really got any "training" at standing distances and missing.
Oh well.. in some hours he comes.
We'll pass the weekend with our Florence friends... going with Ila and Massy in the countryside to pick up some Chianti... then goin with them and Fra and Vale at Chiara and Marco's new house... then well.
Well... can I write it down?
Sure I can.
I guess as we're gonna step back in my parental house tomorrow evening, we'll just lock up in our room and... start the amazing sexual battle ;)
I have to recuperate more than two weeks of abstinence and I don't like abstinence ;) He knows, I bet he's very happy knowing what I am preparing ;)
Then on Sunday, I'll be back up with him in the North for one week entirely.
I just can't wait ;)
Gotta use one week to have all the lovely gifts of love and sex to keep me warm (and to keep him so) for the subsequent three weeks again ;)
Okay okay.. stop web now.
Two days of break-out. From here.
You can guess what will substitute typing, of course.
Call me mad... ;)
Bye, a lovey/sexy weekend to you all :)

Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Movie Vitamins

Music and Cinema... great force! I do love arts ;)

Yesterday with my Florence mates (Ilaria, Monia and Cristina.. those who know my website know well whom I am talkin about ;)) we went out to Movie evening pleasure. A very established Wednesday tradition, that I keep alive also when being in Lodi with my other creek and Stef.
We chose to watch the awesome "Le Chiavi di Casa" of Italian Movie maker Gianni Amelio: the touchin history of a father who meets his differently able son only when he's 15. The story shows the deep feelings, fears, doubts and utopias of dealing life with a kid "twice important". The movie is tender, real, not bending to an unrealistically complete "happy ending" but very keen at showing love and affection through sacrifice and honesty. It was an extraordinary movie to watch: I advice EVERYONE to try and see this movie, not only Italians, but everyone who can access a movie hall which shows international filmmaking. The movie was presented on the Venice Festival just a week ago. It's a shame it didn't win the Golden Lion there.
Okay.. gotta go workin out something :) Enjoy your day and.. I chose a funny picture of me today ;) I KNOW guitar is not played that way ;)

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The start? Okay... let's write down something...
The point is that today at work the whole atmosphere is kinda sleepy. Still nevrotic. A chief who goes here and there, apparently uncaring, but you know that he just needs one small sign from you, a sign that you're not focused, to start yelling.. have you got the idea?
And what I do instead of being careful? I start to write a BLOG.
Hell, I am crazy I know ;)
But I have already done, more or less, all that I should have.
Not a chance in the world that my chief could believe that without yelling for my.. professionality. So I have to pretend I am using this pc for something useful.
Micke has created his blog (search in my site on the blog's section, and you'll find nagishiva's one) and I wanted to tell him I had got the link, by writing under his post. well to make that, I had to create a blog account myself.
And being a perfectionist, I couldn't just get an account.. I had to start a real blog ;)
I have no idea about the frequency of my updating it. My site you know is already a visual blog but.. ehy! I am sure I'll find a way to make this place rockin a bit ;)
By now.. nice to meet you all.
I mean it from my core :)
Meli ;)

PS: Btw, I wrote I am from Florence and at the moment I am back there.. but now my house is placed in LodiVecchio, nearby Milan. In Florence, my BELOVED Florence, still my parental house. Which is mine, of course, and forever will be, since I am unique daughter of my parents ;)
Why I am back in Florence after I moved out in January?
Well, workin matter- do you know that picture below, about trains...? Right. I live on trains.
Let's just hope to not being bombed soon over there.
The risk exists, of course but.. life is life. We gotta make the best out of it.

me on a train, autoshot 2004
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This is me, doing one of my most common activities: traveling on a train. I did it for years for heart matter, now for working matter.. It's something that I have always found inspiring... It opens heart and mind, and makes you understand deeper the "Time" effect on your system. And way of living.
Oh.. and I particularly love this picture. My friend Jim from England has reworked it brilliantly in Photoshop... go to Renderosity site (or to my site) to find it in all its light.

Welcome under my angel/devil's eyes

Me in the eyes of Jean-Marc Rulier, French Artist and Photographer.
Well, of course that's me but... artistically interpretated. In my website you can see an entire section (The Artist Friendly Gifts) where my personal image, or my own artworks have been used and reworked by many great artists from all around the World. The works of Jean-Marc are particularly dear to my heart, cos they just meet my taste perfectly. And they are of such an high level, like you all can see. For more, just search my site, or Renderosity Site.
Art is a big interest of mine. I am just an hobbist, but again in my site you can find many of my own works, may they be classical mediums artworks (2D section) digital works, 3d Modeling (Meli's Poser Page, soon with a Bryce section in it) or Photographic Art (Meli's Camera Art). I also like to write. Novel, poems...everything. English is not my language (I never studied it) but try to write in English and not Italian to reach my many friends abroad in the easiest way. My people in Italy...well they battle all day with my logorrhea ;)