Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Welcome under my angel/devil's eyes

Me in the eyes of Jean-Marc Rulier, French Artist and Photographer.
Well, of course that's me but... artistically interpretated. In my website you can see an entire section (The Artist Friendly Gifts) where my personal image, or my own artworks have been used and reworked by many great artists from all around the World. The works of Jean-Marc are particularly dear to my heart, cos they just meet my taste perfectly. And they are of such an high level, like you all can see. For more, just search my site, or Renderosity Site.
Art is a big interest of mine. I am just an hobbist, but again in my site you can find many of my own works, may they be classical mediums artworks (2D section) digital works, 3d Modeling (Meli's Poser Page, soon with a Bryce section in it) or Photographic Art (Meli's Camera Art). I also like to write. Novel, poems...everything. English is not my language (I never studied it) but try to write in English and not Italian to reach my many friends abroad in the easiest way. My people in Italy...well they battle all day with my logorrhea ;)

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