Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The start? Okay... let's write down something...
The point is that today at work the whole atmosphere is kinda sleepy. Still nevrotic. A chief who goes here and there, apparently uncaring, but you know that he just needs one small sign from you, a sign that you're not focused, to start yelling.. have you got the idea?
And what I do instead of being careful? I start to write a BLOG.
Hell, I am crazy I know ;)
But I have already done, more or less, all that I should have.
Not a chance in the world that my chief could believe that without yelling for my.. professionality. So I have to pretend I am using this pc for something useful.
Micke has created his blog (search in my site on the blog's section, and you'll find nagishiva's one) and I wanted to tell him I had got the link, by writing under his post. well to make that, I had to create a blog account myself.
And being a perfectionist, I couldn't just get an account.. I had to start a real blog ;)
I have no idea about the frequency of my updating it. My site you know is already a visual blog but.. ehy! I am sure I'll find a way to make this place rockin a bit ;)
By now.. nice to meet you all.
I mean it from my core :)
Meli ;)

PS: Btw, I wrote I am from Florence and at the moment I am back there.. but now my house is placed in LodiVecchio, nearby Milan. In Florence, my BELOVED Florence, still my parental house. Which is mine, of course, and forever will be, since I am unique daughter of my parents ;)
Why I am back in Florence after I moved out in January?
Well, workin matter- do you know that picture below, about trains...? Right. I live on trains.
Let's just hope to not being bombed soon over there.
The risk exists, of course but.. life is life. We gotta make the best out of it.

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