Thursday, May 05, 2005

May, the month of.. Monia and Mauro!

Me on my 28th BDay in Florence

'kay, it's been quite a while... and as I haven't updated the site yet.. (I wonder when I will be able to.. I have TOO MANY things to accomplish, with the kids @ volunteer centre, work and... well read below!) I let you see at least one of the pictures of my three bDay parties at half of April.. with my Florence angels :)Soon or later I will update the site in the section dedicated to my lfe so you will be part of what has been in full.

What to add?

Oh, yes... I found a passion for bowling.. there are pictures of that too.. one is me, and BEHIND me the ball launched... ROFL! But on my first ever trial I got two strikes as well done, so maybe I ma not that huge disaster after all.

April's gone with the worst weather ever remembered by me, but May is gotta be fantastic...

Monia and Mauro are soon to marry, and so I will be constantly down to Florence at weekends for Batchelor's parties and organisation... Ah! I am so excited! Can't wait... you'll see, you'll see!

I also decided to cut a bit my hair cos I am bored of this Maria Magdalena haircut ;) But they will be long still (at least enough).. You'll see in a while. Basically I am shiningly happy. I am tanned, today I am gonna have the work with kids at volunteer creek and then I'll be playing tennis with Marco. I feel the summer near. I am happy, and so I hope you all are.

Special kisses to Cassie and Jim, and to lovely friends who have written me here and in mail. I will answer everyone this weekend.

Love you all, Meli :)