Thursday, September 22, 2005

Time for fallish routines... and my mail system was gone!

Waiting for Fall Dinners...

You might have this one *huge* question in your mind right now: why did she tell us she would have replied our mails if she wasn't going to?
Well, I actually did.... only to discover thanx to phone calls with my Florence mates none of what I have written (and sent) reached any of the supposed targets.
Another "updating" of tin servers?
But this service honestly sucks.
Today it seems to work, but the point is as regular life of fall has started back, I have time for "senseful" mails only at weekends. So... this incoming saturday, crossing fingers no more mail troubles will occur, you should get your answers.

What's goin on here?
Well... lots of gym training.
I need to be perfectly strong for the incoming allergic vaccines.Which means 1 hour and half at least every day (Ban Sunday ;)): I will force Micke to come with me at Litium club too cos I can't suspend the activity when he visit next month.
Talkin about that.. do you see people in this picture? there are the girls I usually have the pleasure to hang with at Restaurants around (there's all the male sides as well, but this pic is better ;)): well, next fixed meeting should be on the 28th of October for Gianmario's 40 Birthday.. but I won't be able to get in as Micke can't stay home alone... and I can't ask nobody to pay 200 euros for a dinner (yes, that's the prce of Restaurant we should get in...).
Mmmh.. Stef wasn't happy about this *little* problem, but he will have to deal with it smoothly.
And after all maybe everything will be postponed:) That's be my option favourized.

Another mess at work... tomorrow I will probably have to stay more at office. But everything should go fine enough :)

Fiorentina's triumphs are ongoing.. but I fear on Sunday evening against Inter (in Milan) we might meet our first competitor able to win over us. Still a great team this year, with an excellent trainer :)
My FantaChampionship goes well enough too and it has to do with the fact I have Viola Players in it ;) (*pride of Florentinian* :) )

Talkin about Florence stuff... I would love my mates from there coming here in Lodi this weekend, but as I haven't yet heard any call about this, I fear it won't be makeable, so we are gonna postpone THAT too.

Miss my town&people.. Florence is amazing when Fall starts... but I get there first weekend of October, so all is okay :)

Hugs everybody,
your Meli :)xxx

Sunday, September 18, 2005

meli, the cat lover...