Friday, September 17, 2004

One more art modeling

Me again modelling for Jean-Marc Rulier's art.

Just for note: any picture posted in this site is COPYRIGHTED.

No stealing, barrowing, or manipulation practices are allowed.

Hopefully incoming... the lovey/sexy weekend ;)

The copy of Davide of Michelangelo you see at Piazzale Michelangelo.

Okay... I should be used to distance.
I should, oh... I have been away from the object of my love ALWAYS in my life...
Years passed imagining meetings for days, weeks.. sometimes even months...
a figure that I loved shaped in my heart, creating sweet ghosts in front of my desiring eyes.
So what's up then? after all this is just temporary...
I am only temporarily back in Florence...
We've done that for almost one year... now to miss my Lord is terrible.
I am like i never really got any "training" at standing distances and missing.
Oh well.. in some hours he comes.
We'll pass the weekend with our Florence friends... going with Ila and Massy in the countryside to pick up some Chianti... then goin with them and Fra and Vale at Chiara and Marco's new house... then well.
Well... can I write it down?
Sure I can.
I guess as we're gonna step back in my parental house tomorrow evening, we'll just lock up in our room and... start the amazing sexual battle ;)
I have to recuperate more than two weeks of abstinence and I don't like abstinence ;) He knows, I bet he's very happy knowing what I am preparing ;)
Then on Sunday, I'll be back up with him in the North for one week entirely.
I just can't wait ;)
Gotta use one week to have all the lovely gifts of love and sex to keep me warm (and to keep him so) for the subsequent three weeks again ;)
Okay okay.. stop web now.
Two days of break-out. From here.
You can guess what will substitute typing, of course.
Call me mad... ;)
Bye, a lovey/sexy weekend to you all :)

Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Movie Vitamins

Music and Cinema... great force! I do love arts ;)

Yesterday with my Florence mates (Ilaria, Monia and Cristina.. those who know my website know well whom I am talkin about ;)) we went out to Movie evening pleasure. A very established Wednesday tradition, that I keep alive also when being in Lodi with my other creek and Stef.
We chose to watch the awesome "Le Chiavi di Casa" of Italian Movie maker Gianni Amelio: the touchin history of a father who meets his differently able son only when he's 15. The story shows the deep feelings, fears, doubts and utopias of dealing life with a kid "twice important". The movie is tender, real, not bending to an unrealistically complete "happy ending" but very keen at showing love and affection through sacrifice and honesty. It was an extraordinary movie to watch: I advice EVERYONE to try and see this movie, not only Italians, but everyone who can access a movie hall which shows international filmmaking. The movie was presented on the Venice Festival just a week ago. It's a shame it didn't win the Golden Lion there.
Okay.. gotta go workin out something :) Enjoy your day and.. I chose a funny picture of me today ;) I KNOW guitar is not played that way ;)

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The start? Okay... let's write down something...
The point is that today at work the whole atmosphere is kinda sleepy. Still nevrotic. A chief who goes here and there, apparently uncaring, but you know that he just needs one small sign from you, a sign that you're not focused, to start yelling.. have you got the idea?
And what I do instead of being careful? I start to write a BLOG.
Hell, I am crazy I know ;)
But I have already done, more or less, all that I should have.
Not a chance in the world that my chief could believe that without yelling for my.. professionality. So I have to pretend I am using this pc for something useful.
Micke has created his blog (search in my site on the blog's section, and you'll find nagishiva's one) and I wanted to tell him I had got the link, by writing under his post. well to make that, I had to create a blog account myself.
And being a perfectionist, I couldn't just get an account.. I had to start a real blog ;)
I have no idea about the frequency of my updating it. My site you know is already a visual blog but.. ehy! I am sure I'll find a way to make this place rockin a bit ;)
By now.. nice to meet you all.
I mean it from my core :)
Meli ;)

PS: Btw, I wrote I am from Florence and at the moment I am back there.. but now my house is placed in LodiVecchio, nearby Milan. In Florence, my BELOVED Florence, still my parental house. Which is mine, of course, and forever will be, since I am unique daughter of my parents ;)
Why I am back in Florence after I moved out in January?
Well, workin matter- do you know that picture below, about trains...? Right. I live on trains.
Let's just hope to not being bombed soon over there.
The risk exists, of course but.. life is life. We gotta make the best out of it.

me on a train, autoshot 2004
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This is me, doing one of my most common activities: traveling on a train. I did it for years for heart matter, now for working matter.. It's something that I have always found inspiring... It opens heart and mind, and makes you understand deeper the "Time" effect on your system. And way of living.
Oh.. and I particularly love this picture. My friend Jim from England has reworked it brilliantly in Photoshop... go to Renderosity site (or to my site) to find it in all its light.

Welcome under my angel/devil's eyes

Me in the eyes of Jean-Marc Rulier, French Artist and Photographer.
Well, of course that's me but... artistically interpretated. In my website you can see an entire section (The Artist Friendly Gifts) where my personal image, or my own artworks have been used and reworked by many great artists from all around the World. The works of Jean-Marc are particularly dear to my heart, cos they just meet my taste perfectly. And they are of such an high level, like you all can see. For more, just search my site, or Renderosity Site.
Art is a big interest of mine. I am just an hobbist, but again in my site you can find many of my own works, may they be classical mediums artworks (2D section) digital works, 3d Modeling (Meli's Poser Page, soon with a Bryce section in it) or Photographic Art (Meli's Camera Art). I also like to write. Novel, poems...everything. English is not my language (I never studied it) but try to write in English and not Italian to reach my many friends abroad in the easiest way. My people in Italy...well they battle all day with my logorrhea ;)