Monday, October 16, 2006

I'll get the second MDegree...

... not on the 17th of October, as I naively hoped, but on the 18th of December...

I need to think "lightly" anyway so instead of some dark version of me I've chosen this Elouai Avatar of myself that my friend Chiara (the american one) has created sometime ago. (My english speakin crew can't truly understand the fine tongue-in-cheek meaning of it... "Meli" sounds in italian quite like "apple", better "apple trees"... That's why she has created this version of me ;))

So, my next two months outta be some infinite traveling in between Lodi and Florence, to get all that I need for the psychology MD.

I have already in mind some speeches which are gonna make me change job, but the BAD news is that this way I will change it way later than hoped. It drives me mad, the unorganization in Italian Ateneums...

The good news is that I am gonna use the impressive amount of free hours that my insane working schedeule in two years has gifted me (erm...) with.

The bad one is that I won't be with Stef half of my time for two months.

The BAD, BAD news is that I will start to organize my 2007 marriage two months later.

I hate offices at University. Period.

But I love you all der friends from everywhere. Kisses and catch you soon again :)