Monday, July 10, 2006

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, my friend....

And that's it: I slept 3 hours.. but I am happy (although I still hating our coach, most lucky man in the world I've ever seen).

I waieted 24 years, I creid 12 years ago, but not yesterday. Yesterday, penalties were joyful. And that was about time.

I'm pretty out of mind, and teh team is CURRENTLY stepping off from the airplane in Rome (we're watchin tv at work, yep).. I celebrate the will and the force of the team which has been made by MEN. Their will is the force. Although we almost never played any good football, we demonstrated the power of desire and wish.

I have discovered the MAN Gattuso (the player still unseable for me), and I have discovered Grosso's tale: 5 years ago he was in FOURTH division. That's a raise up, indeed.

Cannavaro, man of the 100 games in the National team, deserves a monumental scuplture of himself. He erased my doubts about him, and now I praise him above everyone else.

Italy today is happy and feels like a real Country: sometimes I am sad, about this. I wish we would feel as one for things way more important than the World Cup. But gotta live with what reality gives, innit?

Hugs everybody, and thanks to Micke and Pete :)
Kisses, Meli :)