Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Now also on My Space

Okay, now the deal's completed. You can from now on find me also - and preferably - on My Space. I will try my best to keep it updated here as well, but you know already about my endless gaps time...
  • Random notice: this evening we start taking the Japanese language course, for being on check this summer on our Japan trip (can't wait!!!);
  • I'm at the fourth writing of the book (YES!);
  • I should sometime start with the drawnings for it, but I never get the proper time out from the "normal" work at office...
  • I miss all the friends I keep coldly in waiting - on facebook too - but it's not intentional, and I hope you trust me on that


Saturday, January 12, 2008

what a gift!!! Thank You Micke!! :)

Since many asked for an update about my new look, I post this image which is dated 1st of January 2008 ;).
Yes, hair are completely bicouloured by now, after the decision of my longtime executing hairdresser (who still be the one in Florence, no matter if I live in LodiVecchio now: can't change him ;) and after all I visit my parents there every 3 weeks maximum!)
Ste is used to them and he likes the change: for what concerns me, I simply adore the twist. Even though I plan to short 'em down even more by the end of the spring.

Anyway, here we are : HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Work as usual absorbs me a lot; we're planning travels for it in Romania quite soon, while on the "life" side many of our friends are keeping it up with *having babies* (SIGH...)

My mood is OK, or I'd better say, after yesterday evening, *very ok*.

That's when I got Micke's gift for the Xmas times....
There was a rich compendium of my better likes: a book that I know I will love to read in language, Oasis' "Lord Don't Slow Me Down" DVD boxset, the 3 compilation cds there were meant to be there and... then....... OH MY GOOOOODNESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

Kent 's latest album"Tillbaka Till Samtiden", the version of it with the special addition of the photographic book, their autographs and...(Micke, can I say again I ADORE you??!!) the transcription of the conversation Micke had with the guys in the band ABOUT ME receiving that all as present!!!!!
Can't believe it. Still.
I'm yet unable to properly verbalize my gratitude and happiness about this fantastic thought he had for me.I'm such a lucky woman.

Thank you so much :).

Lotta kisses, Meli :)

Sunday, December 30, 2007

From Valle d'Aosta (Champoluc): Happy Year Ending!!

From Val D'Aosta's magnificently shining landscapes, and still thankin Marco and Vanessa (and their amazing friends!) out for the great experience together, let's take a look at Ste and I in quite "mountan-ish" look&mood in Champoluc, after an active afternoon among skiers and snow and right before a massive hot chocolate was in front of us both!

Well, actually he did take a tea and I tried a "Café Maison" (which is chocolate plus coffee plus amaretto liquor and covered in whipped cream...;)!) accompanied by a slice of sacher torte and a slice of choco roll cake, but there you go! We went at a choco place anyway all together!

Tomorrow we will leave to Tortona for being along Orni and Sara and cheer the new year: wish you all a fantastic end & start of the year, catch you in 2008!!!!

Kisses, Meli xxx

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A bit late in timing... Happy Xmas!

Like usual I have made all the friends far away wait for my "timed-out" greetings for Xmas.

*Sigh*: I'm awful, I know.

Just wanna tell you all "Happy Xmas" and have a wonderful ending and even better starting of the Year!

I'm now in Florence, where this round we passed Xmas: yesterday we've been with all my dearest friends here; in two days back in Lodi, then a point at Alps in Valle D'Aosta and a New Year's Eve with Orni and Sara in Tortona, for a little change.

This incoming Year means particularly one thing: JAPAN!!!!!

We're managing the married life quite well, Stef and I.

All that comes will be blessed.

My best wishes to you all dears. Peace&Love 4 everyone. Meli xxx

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm Mrs. Nicoletti now...

.. and I'm over the moon for it :).
We'll be plenty of time for all the descriptions, later on (included the good byeS to the no-married status...); we've got sun, we've got all the shining moods. Everything just went right.
We both cried at the altar ( I actually made the whole crew sigh out...); Don Massimo has been amazing, and I'm so overjoyed I can't properly explain that.
The mini-honey moon in Barcelona has been fabulous, and we're gonna have picture album of it as well, soon ( we've got 200 pics of it in 3 days... when we will head to Japan for three weeks for the real honey moon next year, we'll be coming back with 3000 pics maybe?!?)
Anyway, by now, let me cheer you all.
I'm ecstatic :)
P.s.: Link on Facebook with marriage pics sent to us by Daniele (Ila's bro): what a quick delivery!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Soon-to-be wife...

I know, I know: LONGTIME not to be seen by anyone around.
Oh, well, you know, life just takes me into so many things, and time always seems to shorten down year after year, that walkin down the internet realms is just impossible.
But as September comes, a small update MUST be given.
On the 15th the BIG day arrives.
I know it's gonna be a rainy day... but I know it's gonna be the best day of my life.
I'm happy. I'm nervous... and for somebody in her 30's shouldn't be so... but I am.
Stef and I are gonna be "Tweety and Silvester" in the tables names, that we've chosen out from anime&cartoons of our lives.
But you're gonna be informed in videos and images soon.
A little more notice for welcoming baby Alessandro Sollazzo in the world!!! Monia and Mauro's baby will be baptized this Sunday, after one month of life, and can't wait to be there.
Check you all hopefully QUITE soon.
P.S.: Honeymoon will be in Japan next year, as we ran out of free days already this one: but we will leave to Barcelona (instead of planned Paris) for three days after the day. Just to have our time, as it's right and fair to be.
P.S. 2: I've gained weight, due to my darn allergia, but somehow I just don't care. Incredibly to be said (well, it's not like I'm fat, but generally women do care about their shape on their marriage days...) I feel like I've never felt better before in my shoes. Is that the power of love? Who knows... Stef gained it too, so I guess it's just my cooking talent ;)
Hugs everybody, catch you all as soon as I can get to afford it.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy start of the new year! From Meli (and Ste)

Happy new year everyone !

This comes from Stef and I, here pictured out in the typical Start of The New Year kiss. We were laughing our asses off, as "CiccioOrni" and "CiccioSte" (Della) were joking about me being pregnant. Well, I'M NOT YET! Lemme being bride at least, please!

Yesterday evening we had as guests at our house Gulli and Stefy with the lovely and very messy little Serena... This morning I have a workin meeting in S. Donato Milanese, then in the whole afternoon... VALENTINA!

I could have taken my spare afternoon off to study for the Borghetto Concours, or just to relax myself, but I had promised to the lil kid she would have come around before her school was restarting, and you mustnt let down a promise, especially when made to a kid.

So... wish me TOO some good luck cheer, cos I'll be needing it in this demanding day! Meli :)