Sunday, December 30, 2007

From Valle d'Aosta (Champoluc): Happy Year Ending!!

From Val D'Aosta's magnificently shining landscapes, and still thankin Marco and Vanessa (and their amazing friends!) out for the great experience together, let's take a look at Ste and I in quite "mountan-ish" look&mood in Champoluc, after an active afternoon among skiers and snow and right before a massive hot chocolate was in front of us both!

Well, actually he did take a tea and I tried a "Café Maison" (which is chocolate plus coffee plus amaretto liquor and covered in whipped cream...;)!) accompanied by a slice of sacher torte and a slice of choco roll cake, but there you go! We went at a choco place anyway all together!

Tomorrow we will leave to Tortona for being along Orni and Sara and cheer the new year: wish you all a fantastic end & start of the year, catch you in 2008!!!!

Kisses, Meli xxx

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havvy said...

Brian here!

Happy New Year, Meli!