Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A bit late in timing... Happy Xmas!

Like usual I have made all the friends far away wait for my "timed-out" greetings for Xmas.

*Sigh*: I'm awful, I know.

Just wanna tell you all "Happy Xmas" and have a wonderful ending and even better starting of the Year!

I'm now in Florence, where this round we passed Xmas: yesterday we've been with all my dearest friends here; in two days back in Lodi, then a point at Alps in Valle D'Aosta and a New Year's Eve with Orni and Sara in Tortona, for a little change.

This incoming Year means particularly one thing: JAPAN!!!!!

We're managing the married life quite well, Stef and I.

All that comes will be blessed.

My best wishes to you all dears. Peace&Love 4 everyone. Meli xxx

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