Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy start of the new year! From Meli (and Ste)

Happy new year everyone !

This comes from Stef and I, here pictured out in the typical Start of The New Year kiss. We were laughing our asses off, as "CiccioOrni" and "CiccioSte" (Della) were joking about me being pregnant. Well, I'M NOT YET! Lemme being bride at least, please!

Yesterday evening we had as guests at our house Gulli and Stefy with the lovely and very messy little Serena... This morning I have a workin meeting in S. Donato Milanese, then in the whole afternoon... VALENTINA!

I could have taken my spare afternoon off to study for the Borghetto Concours, or just to relax myself, but I had promised to the lil kid she would have come around before her school was restarting, and you mustnt let down a promise, especially when made to a kid.

So... wish me TOO some good luck cheer, cos I'll be needing it in this demanding day! Meli :)

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