Thursday, August 30, 2007

Soon-to-be wife...

I know, I know: LONGTIME not to be seen by anyone around.
Oh, well, you know, life just takes me into so many things, and time always seems to shorten down year after year, that walkin down the internet realms is just impossible.
But as September comes, a small update MUST be given.
On the 15th the BIG day arrives.
I know it's gonna be a rainy day... but I know it's gonna be the best day of my life.
I'm happy. I'm nervous... and for somebody in her 30's shouldn't be so... but I am.
Stef and I are gonna be "Tweety and Silvester" in the tables names, that we've chosen out from anime&cartoons of our lives.
But you're gonna be informed in videos and images soon.
A little more notice for welcoming baby Alessandro Sollazzo in the world!!! Monia and Mauro's baby will be baptized this Sunday, after one month of life, and can't wait to be there.
Check you all hopefully QUITE soon.
P.S.: Honeymoon will be in Japan next year, as we ran out of free days already this one: but we will leave to Barcelona (instead of planned Paris) for three days after the day. Just to have our time, as it's right and fair to be.
P.S. 2: I've gained weight, due to my darn allergia, but somehow I just don't care. Incredibly to be said (well, it's not like I'm fat, but generally women do care about their shape on their marriage days...) I feel like I've never felt better before in my shoes. Is that the power of love? Who knows... Stef gained it too, so I guess it's just my cooking talent ;)
Hugs everybody, catch you all as soon as I can get to afford it.

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