Thursday, November 25, 2004

Gotta practice joga today...
I am SERIOUSLY thinkin of quitting my job as researcher and start up a new life. A new career. Something new.
I am fed up with the disorganisation and lack of respect I have found in Milan University teams I have worked with so far.
I mean... even doing something diverse for a few years, makin my work profile wider and better, I won't lose the status I have already as doctor nor I will break my future chances to become a University Teacher.
I will just start back from the point I would leave at now.
I can't really stand these people around... they have no ethic, they do their own interests walkin over others and wearing their best smiles doing so.. with no regret, no conscience.. absolutely no moral.
I'd rather prefer sell things in a shop that keep having to share my days with individuals like them.
I am waiting to complete my book and present it to an editor, but I never get spare times.. all the promises have left unfilled by my responsible at work. Everything they did assure me hasn't been done yet. And my patience is starting to fade.
In Florence things were totally different.
Oh.. just a lil rant.. today is conference time again, up in Monza.
I should be back in the afternoon and then I'll do my yoga and try to catch Cassie up online. Gotta speak with her, sweet angel...
See ya soon :) Have all a balanced day :)
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