Thursday, November 18, 2004

Today I should have been at EMA's... in the all pass area!!!

Today I am pissed... GRRRR!!!
Oh yes... I should have been already flying to Rome... getting along Stef the passes for MTV's people for THE event of Ema's in Roma, Tor di Valle... I was waiting for this and used to think the only major obstacle (unsurpassable in fact) could have been Stef's idiosyncraticy for musical events, especially as huge as that one.
But two days ago he cane home with the request...
"I know you adore these things so.. yeah.. we can be in the VIP area and you can meet everyone who's there if you like..."
Already with BEP last months was incredible...imagine to meet again cute Adam from Maroon 5...and all the people from all world coming for the events.. it would have been absolutely fantastic and then.. then.. then....
I can't go for I don't have allowed free days.
I spent weeks traveling all around after the promise of getting also spare days at ease and WHAT????
My chief here didn't free me for this long weekend.
God I am SO pissed.
I have to elaborate the rage...
I have to..
I have to...
I am fuming off :
You have all a lovely day, though.. I will burn in my disappointment instead ;)
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