Monday, November 08, 2004

Around a Moving Sun

How Jessie Ferguson portraited me.

Wow... No I am not dead. I am writing here in a very SHORT and quick updating chance moment due to the fact I have to assure my friends around the globe I am more than okay.
Healthly speaking at least.
It's just that work is takin me over.
Sun changes over me... it shines in so many different locations these days, and the hectic life I have to live beside being interesting has also a minus point: it dries my chances to be around when friends needs.
Or just when they'd like to talk.
American elections have been. I passed the entire night eye-opened due also to the fact that Politics and Communication is my daily bread in life.
Well, as many others Europeans I had to see that the epilogue wasn't my hope fullfilled. Though I sadly knew that would have been the end. It was just about technical knowledge of the situation. But at least the under 30s are abundantly on the "other side". We've got hope for a tomorrow. (This is for my friend Brian.. dear.. I HAD to say something.... you have your favourite four more years up.. can I hope at least for the tomorrow? right ;))
But it will be what has to be ... let's cross fingers we're not on the verge of disaster.
Here is another week of rushing here and there in the beautiful (sometimes rainy, sometimes sunny) Italy.
Towns of Science will all be mine?
Who knows ;)
I just can't wait to be back with my love in Lodi by Sunday.
Then I will be hopefully getting some more spare time to be online again ;)
Music of the week?
Oh, Many Styles and many songs.
Basically though... Eminem&REM and Placebo.
Oh.. and the new Remixed album of Depeche Mode.
PS: I saw Maroon 5 when they came in Italy TRL. Adam is just so cute. And a very nice and polite.. latin lover too ;)
The plan could be to try to witness from the very INSIDE European Music Awards in Rome. But I don't know if my work will allow and then Stefano is not really someone who likes big events.
Let's see... (If I were a teenager again.. his job is just the best ;))
Wish you all a super week. Love you dears.
Thanx Paul for giving me the new East York addy :) You're a traveler too dear ;)
HUGS!!! Meli rushes to the writing conferencial universe.
Bye ;)

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