Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Stef, me and Jim

Okay... it's a very long time that I am not uploading this but I had several (and all good) reasons to not to.
First of all.. I got finally vaccined against my allergias!!!! (Holas from teh crowd.. thanx ;)) and that for some days saw me under therapy in hospital. No internet there.
Too bad cos the boredom reached a peak level in that room ;)
Then I went back to Lodi :) where I'll stay till November, and where me and Stef have got the lovely pleasure to have with us for a few days the sweet (and super tall!!) guy you see above, Jim Tetlow, from Leicestershire with luv :)
We've passed several days in harmony, visiting Milan town.. always under rain (in my site I'll soon be creating a page for the Fall pictures we took :)) but missing due to strikes the visit I was programming to Venice... :( I would have loved to show him the Dali' expo which is currently there, but there were no way to reach (and moreover to get back) Venice town safely.
Why Italy's constantly on strike?
Anyway, we had special fun anyway :)
I cooked apparently well enough and finally Jim tasted what I meant with "Italian cooking". Now he seems to like more both cakes and pizza ;)
Can't wait to visit the beautiful England again soon... we will pay visit back next year for sure :)
Well... I could write agaes about his staying but I will through pictures as soon as I find time to upload my website.
Work is a bummer (he saw the Milan buildings of Bovisa.. and probably got a glimpse of the fuss that my work is ;)) and I have to go.
Enjoy your day.. see you soon.

PS: we were always eating at MTV staying.. I saw the new TRL VJ Federico: he's as short as me????

Oh well. On thursday we saw The Calling... there were hundreds of screming teenagers under the TRL balcony and I was like scrolling head to Jim, imitating in squeeky voice the screams of the young (blind) crowd... " Oh my gosh!!! Alex! Alex!!!! (The singer of the combo...a girl who doesn't wear skirts, with a rather masculine voice.. or a guy with an uncanny resemblance with a woman.. you can choose) Can you teach me how to wear mascara the way you do???".. cos sincerly..that guy is "guy" the way Jhonatan from Big Brother (GF) 5 is... :

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