Saturday, September 25, 2004

Okay, not yet actually.. I'll be rushing over trains for the whole of the incoming week actually. To work as Researcher is a stress "logistically" speaking, but that's just from time to time.
Cassie angel.. if you're reading this I tried to change the picture below with the guitar (yep, the "rude" one) but I have no idea how nor why, it's not allowed apparently cos everytime I try to reload the page it doesn't show properly.. I fear we'll have to wait till the page disappears ;)
So me and Stef are preparing ourselves to host Chiara and Marco (see in my website in the pictures of friends section their marriage on July the 17th :) )... I am happy but also a bit sad cos tomorrow I'll leave along them towards Florence again.
Oh well... I wish I could remain in this Lodi's house.. cos I cannot be happy without my love. Next time I'll be here, Jim will come as well from England :) Can't wait :) Those days are gonna be AMAZING :)
Me and Stef have also decided to completely remake the office/guests room. ALREADY. it's gonna be a stylish, modern and colourful room :) the only thing that is gonna remain is the sofa bed, that I have called "Milu'" :) we're also completing the living roommaybe even before Jim comes... let's hope.. I'd love him to see the completed room at least :)
So... Time to take care of my Lord before our friends arrive. We gotta capitalize the morning in.. lovey terms ;)
See you in one week.. maybe if I get a chance I'll upload this blog through hotel room next week but it really depends on my energies at night after intense work :) hugs, take care you all :) meli :)

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Mikael said...

That's a bit your profile (to which I go to your Blog..) it says you have only three posts...luckely I checked then.. ;) Probably my pc cache memory's messing.

Anyway, I am commenting!
I hope your week won't destroy you...but it sounds like you won't dislike it as much as some other times. :)
All good in that sense. And enjoy Siena next weekend. :) We both have big things then that weekend...with me having the exam (which I have pretty good control over I think. Don't worry :) (I had a deep talk with Caroline (a classmate in Örebro..with dreads! Incredibly cool, and sexy. Heh.) over the phone and I could answer all she asked. ;))