Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Images developed out of fires and wedding!

Me and my cousin Cinzia at her wedding party

These days Italy resembles an oven..
I live with headaches and this heat is also damaging all my pcs, at office and at home. Oh well!
A few days of troubles, I can't say I am not used to.
I developed images from Florence Fires last Friday and those of Cinzia's marriage: I will prepare the albums soon so you can all see how beautiful she was :) Just like Botticelli's daughter.

She left her bouquet at Stefania's grave... that is right, she has to feel none felt her away from us on Saturday.

I am really taken these days: I don't see my kids since three days cos at work it's insane moment: we have two big projects running and I have to work in afternoons too.

Catch you soon again, hugs, Meli :)

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